Haircut for your hair type – A guide

Haircut for your hair type – A guide

Choosing a haircut can be easy if you have a favorable style in mind – “the usual” while there are a lot of factors to consider, your face shape is one. You wouldn’t want a flat-top haircut if you’ve got a heart-shaped face now, would you? Or else you’ll not only look like someone who traveled back from the 80s but you’d also look like an inverted party hat and that will be hilarious! On the other hand, if you want some sort of crowning glory, then it’s better to be more personal and bespoke with your haircut. A short and tidy haircut is usually ideal for corporate professionals for example.

Hair type is most commonly set aside when it comes to deciding which haircut to choose when it should be one of the most important. Your hair type determines what you can do with your hair, whether your choice of haircut is easy to maintain and/or if it is obedient for styling. Others struggle keeping their hair presentable, some are lucky enough to have shiny and glossy hair.

To know which haircut fits your hair type, you need to know first what your hair type is. Here are 4 common hair types for men:

1. Thick Hair

Men with thick hair can barely see their scalp through the hair. The follicle diameter is large and groupings are thick and dense. It looks rich but can be difficult to dry at times. Short haircuts match very well with men with thick hair. Given its natural volume and rich texture, any layered cut such as pompadour, crop fade, and so on will work just fine. Mostly, it’ll emphasize the texture and add shape to longer lengths to make the most out of your hair.

2. Fine Hair

Literally the opposite of thick hair. Men with fine hair type are typically longing for volume. For some, fine hair types of men may feel limited with options to cut their hair. The options may not be as diverse as those with thick hair but there sure are great haircuts that are meant for men with thin hair.

Mid-length haircuts such as taper fade or a swept-back style can give life to mostly stiff thin hair. A mid-length cut is distinguished by an ear-to-shoulder length. These haircuts are designed to give more life to your fine hair strands collectively.

3. Wavy/Curly Hair

Perfect for a just-woke-up-but-still-looks-awesome kind of style. Men with wavy/curly hair are effortlessly gorgeous if the haircut is right. This is the most hassle-free hairstyle amongst all, thanks to its texture. What haircut is best for men with this type of hair, you ask? Anything! Absolutely anything but in consideration of the curl pattern. Any hairstyle would work for men with wavy hair but remember that men have different wave patterns per person.


There's a very obvious line to differentiate an afro hair from other hair types – texture, kink, and volume. One of the common haircuts for this type of hair is of a short length with a fade, it's very neat-looking and it's easy to maintain as well. Dreads is of course a way to keep it in place, but edging it out a little more with an undercut will be cool. But if you are the type that would love to keep the volume going, then do as you please, you just have to maintain it with some trims and hair moisturizers to keep its best shape and volume.

Every hair type has its own best features that only need a good haircut to highlight. Now that you know what type of hair you have, ask your barber to cut and style your hair based on your hair type and preferences. Booking a barber around London, West Midlands, Kent, Guilford, and Manchester is just at the tip of your fingers. Get Groomed mobile barbers can bring classic barbering right to your doorstep.

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