Say ‘I do’ to Get Groomed: Hiring a mobile barber for your wedding

Say ‘I do’ to Get Groomed: Hiring a mobile barber for your wedding

Wedding preparation can be too much, especially the remaining days and hours before the big day. You have to make calls here and there, make sure everything’s settled; last minute shopping, sometimes for you but most of the time for the bride; call in the caterers to make sure they are ready and remind them about you and/or your guests' food allergies; check in with the coordinators for final briefing; attend several family dinners; and of course the stud party, which should’ve been a surprise but you somehow secretly anticipating to happen. All these laid down on the calendar, but seems to be forgetting one more important appointment – HAIRCUT!

If the bride is the most beautiful lady in the world on your wedding day, then you should be the most dashing gentleman of them all. Hiring a pop-up barber will ease the hassle of traveling out and lining up to get the perfect haircut. And hey, don’t leave your groomsmen out! The boys have had to look good too.

You may ask, “Is this really necessary?” YES!!! Believe it or not, looking good at your own wedding is part of the job!

You know when they say that the bride is the most important person in a wedding? Well, that’s true, because you don’t really want her going bridezilla on your big day, do you? In the bride’s eyes, everything should be perfect, including overall wedding aesthetics, which includes the groom and the groomsmen. She had taken all the matters in your wedding carefully and thoroughly, including the motif and the actual attire. Surely you don’t want to ruin it by being sloppy with how you and your men look, because that won’t be good in the photos and she wouldn’t like it for sure. So, if she could hire a whole glam team to have the perfect look for the wedding, then you should also hire yours!

Hiring a barber for your wedding can be time efficient too! Imagine, no more long queues! Trained and expert barbers will come to you at your place, at your own time. No need to worry about the equipment, you just have to find a good spot for all the hair work to be done, and you’re all good. From getting stylish haircuts to the finest clean shave or beard restyling, we’ve got you covered. This will save you so much time and energy!

If you are looking for haircuts and styles inspiration that you can sport at the end of the aisle, we have also listed down top 10 handsome wedding haircuts for men !

Why should you call us? Get Groomed has been in the industry for some years now, providing the finest grooming services from haircuts to beard trims/restyling to wet shaves. With the help of our expert Barbers, the aim is to bring classic barbering to you, right at your own time and space on any occasion.

Enjoy the perks of mobile barbering as we are now serving in the cities of LONDON, WEST MIDLANDS, KENT, GUILFORD, and MANCHESTER.

Visit our page ( ) and find out more about our services. Feel free to contact us for your inquiries and bookings.

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