Wet or dry shave: Which is best for you this 2022?

Wet or dry shave: Which is best for you this 2022?

Finding the shaving method that is ideal for you can be too much to handle with so many options available. Wet vs. dry shaving might be considered the fundamental distinction in shaving techniques. Personal choice and what causes you the least discomfort will determine whether you’ll use an electric or manual razor to shave.


Wet shaving is so popular because it has so many advantages over other more modern techniques. When it's time to shave your facial hair, a tried-and-true method is to lather up using shaving foam.


1. Smooth glide. Hot water and shaving cream can provide you, which is one of the key advantages of a wet shave. It is less likely to pull on your skin and irritate it if there is less friction between your skin and the razor.

2. Less irritation. You should have less ingrown hairs and less abrasion because a damp face is much simpler to shave.

3. Wet hair + simpler to cut. You should get a satisfyingly close shave as any barber knows.


1. Cuts. Wet shaving means getting nicks and cuts. Shaving gently is a science you should master.

2. It can take time to wet your skin and apply shaving cream. If wet shaving is in your ritual before heading out, you might know by now that this can be a drag.


Knowing the advantages of a dry shave will help you choose the best way for you as most electric razors can be used to shave both wet and dry.


With adjustable combs and attachments, electric shavers and trimmers also allow you to achieve your desired facial hair look.

1. Easy. Many guys find dry shaving appealing because it’s easy. Electric shavers cut the time and don't require hot water or shaving cream.

2. No cuts. Dry shaving makes it less probable for you to get cuts because you can easily shave even if the hair growth goes against your direction.


1. Sensitive skin = irritation. This is true when you have sensitive skin. For a smoother dry shave if you see redness, try lathering the area with shaving foam before using the electric razor.

2. Charging your electric razor. This can be a hassle especially if you’re on the go. Looking for a place to power up is no fun when you’re out of your house.


Each shaving technique has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Consider things first, like your skin sensitivity or how much time you have at the moment. Wet shaving often offers the lowest risk of irritation and closest shave, although dry shaving can be quicker and allows you to shave in both directions.

Choosing the best razor for sensitive skin is essential. Electric shavers typically cause less irritation because there are fewer blades pushing on the skin on your face.

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