Classic hairstyles for men

Classic hairstyles for men

People say that your hair is your crowning glory. Yes, it is! Not only to women but also to men. It’s one of the first things that people notice upon seeing you given its location on the body. Aside from your crooked tie or your blue suede shoes, hair should really not be taken for granted.

Every year, a new trend of hairstyles arise - all thanks to the creative hairstylists and barbers. With that in mind, take a trip back in time and check out these classic hairstyles for men that will never go out of style.

1. French Crop
Did I hear you say classic? Because French Crop is the epitome of classic hairstyle, the white t-shirt of haircuts any time in any day. Simple, minimalist and low-maintenance as it should be. Shorter at the sides of the head with a slight length at the top. Ideal for men going thinner, this style suits almost all face shapes. Consider this hairstyle if you want an unbothered look, this haircut doesn’t need much styling; keep it naturally

2. Slick Back
One of the oldest hairstyles there is. The fame of slick back came to light in the 1920s with the idea of having neat hair that’ll stay unbothered even after wearing a hat. Nowadays, whether professional or baddie, look depending on the way you style it, slick back haircut certainly is one to try. But to pull this one off, you will need the help of pomade. The trick of a slick back haircut is to apply water-based pomade and comb through the hair when damp. There are no rules on how to comb or style it, the only limitation is your imagination.

3. Buzz Cut
Minimalist? This one's for you. Timeless, effortless, and best for men who like to get up and go everyday. Buzz cut best registers men with elongated or oblong faces making them look more masculine as it highlights the face’s width.

4. The Pompadour
The Pompadour has been in the limelight since the 18th century. Famous for both men and women. This hairstyle does not require a specific thickness of hair. If you want to pull this one off, all you need to do is grow your front out to at least 4 inches. Get a barber to style your hair for you, they’ll know what to do! Day-to-day styling requires a hair mousse for the hair to keep its stand. Brush your hair pushed back on itself for a natural wave kind of look. This style is definitely worth experimenting!

5. The Quiff
If we’re gonna talk about classic hairstyles for men, the Quiff should never be left out. This style is a less polished substitute for pompadour; shorter and suits a wider range of face shapes. If Quiff is something you’d like to explore, before calling your barber, make sure to grow your hair for about 3 inches. This haircut features shorter sides while the volume is mostly at the front. Style it with a good ol’ wet styling product and comb through to spread the product. To keep steady for long, don’t forget to finish it off with hairspray to enjoy your efforts longer.

Men can change hairstyles every month depending on their preferences. It’s a waste not to try different styles every once in a while. These classic hairstyles have proven their dignity in the fashion world for decades and some, for centuries. So go get groomed, call your barber and have a try at one of these classic hairstyles for men.

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