How to maintain the messy beard

How to maintain the messy beard

Despite what it’s called, you can’t just leave the messy beard alone. This style requires as much care and maintenance as other facial hair looks. When we say messy beard, we don’t mean that you just roll out of bed and go with what was messed up overnight as you slept. The messy beard can happen naturally but one needs to make sure that they don’t look too unclean when they wear this style. Read on to find out how to maintain a messy beard!

Wash Your Beard Regularly
It doesn’t matter really what style you have when it comes to hygiene. Whether you only have a very short goatee or a long full beard, you should be washing it every day. Various kinds of materials have the possibility of sticking to your beard and staying there if you don’t take the time to wash it. Food, dust and even drinks can get tangled into your beard. Not only can this cause problems for your skin, but you may accidentally ingest something that you aren’t supposed to. An unwashed beard that has come in contact with food will be very attractive to various insects as well as rats and other pests one can find at home. No one wants to wake up to the horror of a mouse nibbling away at one’s beard. So to avoid this nightmare, make it a habit to wash your beard before you sleep.

Style It
Now on to actually achieving the look. It’s quite simple actually, first, you need to brush or comb your beard. This step is done for your beard’s health because it is possible to get split ends due to tangling and breakage on your beard. No products are usually involved, but leave-in beard conditioners are recommended to maintain health. The healthier the facial hair is, the longer you can grow it; otherwise, you’ll need to start over once your hair shows signs of breakage.

To get the messy look, you just need to apply the same techniques used to create the tousled hair look. You can run your fingers through your hair, and fluff it up in uneven patterns to get that volume. Don’t overdo it though because the beard will come out wilder than what you’re aiming for.

Trim the Beard
There are limitations to who can wear the messy beard style. Those with long beards are discouraged from attempting this look for various reasons. First, it will be hard to maintain if it’s too long and it will tangle much easier. Another reason is that the messiness of a long beard can easily be mistaken for a wild look. Instead of a slightly rough masculine appearance, you’ll only end up looking unclean. A beard that is one to three inches long from your chin is the safest measurement. Stick to that by trimming regularly, daily even, to maintain a cleaner look.

You can easily wear a messy beard any day of the week because it’s mainly a styling method. If for some reason you wish to look cleaner on a specific day, perhaps for a date or a formal gathering, you can just easily opt to keep your beard neat and comb it. And if you’re not satisfied with your beard, you can always Book an Appointment with Get Groomed. Our very skilled barbers can trim you a style that you prefer or even get you a clean shaved face for a fresh start. Get in Touch with us today!

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