Beard maintenance: Quick tips on how to stop beard itch

Beard maintenance: Quick tips on how to stop beard itch

One thing to endure about beard growing is the itch that comes with it, which can be a real nuisance. So it’s best to get rid of it fast.

To help you get through it, we have listed down some ‘quick fix’ to this itchy beard problem.


Don’t let your facial hair get in the way of your skin and beard care. Excess oils and dirt clogs your pores, which can cause hair follicle damage and skin irritation due to bacteria build up. Practice proper hygiene, wash your face and beard with mild soap/ facial cleanser and warm water, then gently dry with a clean washcloth daily. Also make sure to use a clean razor for shaving to avoid further irritation or worse skin infection.


Improper shaving may also cause itch and irritation. To help reduce the risk, it’s important to know and practice proper shaving.
Start with a clean skin. Wash your face with a warm water and mild facial cleanser to of course eliminate excess skin oils and dirt; and also helps soften the skin and the hairs.
Use shaving creams, foams and/or gels. These will help the blade glide easier and smoother on the skin; this will also serve as an extra layer of protection to avoid the risk of cuts and irritation as you shave closer to the skin.
Shave with the grain. Although, shaving against the grain will, in no doubt, help you achieve a clean shave faster, but at the same this will forcefully pull the hair in upwards direction leaving you with cuts and blade burns. So going in the direction of hair growth will help you achieve a smoother and safer shave.
Apply skin moisturizer. This helps soothe and hydrate the skin after shaving.
Last but not the least, ALWAYS use a clean shaver/razor. As mentioned this will help reduce the risk of further skin irritation, damage and /or irritation.


As important as your skin care goes, there are also ways to take good care of your beard or facial hairs. Keeping your beard clean by washing it with specialized or mild shampoo/cleanser for facial hair. Regular shampoo and/or soaps contain formulas or chemicals that are harsh for the skin and may cause redness, and skin irritation. Moisturize and condition your beard, use beard moisturizers, balms and/or oils to help you maintain a soft and well-managed facial hair.


BEWARE. There are several causes of beard itch that vary from mild to severe. Mild or minor causes can easily be resolved by the simple hygiene solutions as mentioned above. However, there are causes that may require serious medical treatment, such as: Psoriasis, Eczema, and more.

Dealing with such causes requires professional help. DO NOT SELF-DIAGNOSE. Because, Different skin conditions equals different treatments; and there are some conditions that share the same symptoms with only a teeny-tiny bit of difference, which can be difficult for non-experts to identify. That’s why we highly suggest that as soon as you notice other symptoms like: unusual skin redness, flaking, follicle inflammation, etc., it’s time to pay the dermatologist a visit.

Nonetheless, cleanliness and proper hygiene shall be practiced at all cost. Your facial hair is just as important as any other parts of your body, that if not taken care of, it may possibly lead to serious skin and/or health conditions.

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