Barber at the office as an employee perks: yay or nay?

Barber at the office as an employee perks: yay or nay?

Was it really a good idea to add barber service to the list of employee perks? Does it really add essential value to the business? Or just a rubbish cost? Read this and you decide.

First, let’s talk about ‘employee perks’ .

Being the hands and legs of the company, employees are a valuable investment. The perks are to show how much the company values them for their work. Some may ask, "isn’t that what salaries are for?". Well, people are paid to do their jobs, yes! However, we have to understand that employees often endow more than the work that they are paid for; they also put their wellbeing in the line, to which money couldn’t just be an enough compensation. Another reason why office perks are important is to keep the employees happy enough to stay and do a great job. According to CHRON, competitive benefits can actually improve the employees’ attitude towards work, which is vital to the growth and progress of the company.

So back to our first question, was it really a good idea to add barber service as an employee perk?

Well, when thinking of ‘employee perks', variety and uniqueness must be taken into consideration. Job-seekers are setting their eyes not only on the salary but the overall benefits each company has to offer. In fact, 34% of the 2,013 (UK workers) surveyed consider a benefits package to be one of the most important factors when choosing a company to work for; and 85% of those surveyed want benefits that are more lifestyle oriented and focused on employee wellbeing.

In the corporate world, ‘impressions’ are immensely significant. How we present ourselves is vital in every aspect of our professional life.

That’s why most people in the industry are digging into the ‘dress to impress’ mantra, and I’m not only talking about clothing. Our hair is also an important part to the whole image we portray, and a great contributing factor to the department of ‘good impressions’.

Meanwhile, we can all agree on how office work can be stressful, more often than not, and sometimes just chopping off that hair can easily help weight off the burden.

According to Men's Journal, good haircut and beard grooming have a positive impact on employees’ work performance, and are most likely to succeed. We couldn’t agree more! People have tendencies of being more productive and confident in their work when they look and feel good about themselves; which may result in a healthier and better working environment.

Although, we understand the doubt of adding it as a work benefit. As we must admit, visits can be such a hassle, and oftentimes people are too preoccupied at work to even bother going. But, thank goodness for the gift of advancement and technology, and the continuous growth of mobile barbering in the UK, these perks have become much easier to obtain. There is no need to compromise barber day over a pile of workload anymore, and/or vice versa. You will never have to go out of the office for a quick hair fix, just book an appointment, and the expert barbers will be at your service in no time. Besides, it’s not only the Boss who represents the business, but the whole team. How your people carry themselves is an integral factor to benefit the company’s image and credibility. It’s important to have them looking their best under any circumstances. After all, “pleasing personality” has always been part of the requirement, and it’s just a matter of maintaining it now.

To help you further, we have also listed down 10 Modern Business Professional Hairstyles that you and the whole team can sport in the corporate scene. You may also visit Get Groomed and get to know our services. Also, click here to find out more about mobile barbering and how it works.

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