Men's guide to rocking the Viking haircut in the office

Men's guide to rocking the Viking haircut in the office

The Viking haircut has been making a strong comeback in recent years, blending historical roots with modern flair. As more men appreciate this eye-catching, manly hairdo, they may face some difficulties when attempting to incorporate the Viking appearance into the workplace. Fear not, dear adventurers! Here's a guide to sporting your Viking haircut with professionalism and sophistication.

1. Understanding the Viking HaircutThe Viking-inspired haircut typically features the following:
• Long, flowing hair on top (sometimes styled into braids)
• Shaved sides, generally referred to as an undercut
• Facial hair, including beards or mustaches

2. Striking the Balance: Viking Haircut Meets Office EtiquetteThe key to successfully incorporating the Viking haircut into the office environment is striking a balance between embracing the hairstyle and adhering to the company's dress code. Implement these strategies to fit the Viking look into a professional setting:

  • Keep It Neat and Tidy
    A Viking haircut can be well-groomed and polished. Regular trims, neat braiding and using quality hair products will show that you care about your appearance and maintaining a professional image.
  • Toning Down the Wildness
    While Viking hairstyles can be bold and daring, you might need to move them closer to the conservative scale for the office environment. You can opt for simpler styles, such as a single braid or ponytail, rather than intricate patterns that may be too eye-catching.
  • Play with Length
    If your workplace dress code frowns upon shaved sides, consider choosing a tapered or faded undercut. This approach gives you the Viking feel while keeping it workplace-friendly.
  • Facial Hair Grooming
    Well-groomed facial hair is essential. Keep your beard and mustache neat and trimmed to maintain a polished appearance.

3. Viking Haircut Styling Inspiration for the OfficeExperiment with these variations to create the perfect Viking haircut in your office or any professional setting:

  • The Discreet Undercut: Maintain a longer top and minimise the contrast between the top and the shaved sides. This will create a subtler, office-friendly Viking hairstyle.
  • The Sleek Ponytail: Gather your long hair into a neat, low ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure it with a discreet hairband. This style still conveys the Viking vibe while maintaining a professional look.
  • The Simple Braid: A single, tight braid running down the back of the head is an elegant way to showcase your Viking-inspired hair within a professional context.

However, the unspoken haircut 'rules' can vary greatly by work industry. In creative fields like music, advertising, film and fashion, where individualistic expression is encouraged, the Viking haircut—braids, undercuts and all—likely won't raise an eyebrow. These workplaces tend to be more accepting of personal style choices than most.

On the other hand, highly formal sectors like banking, law and corporate business may have stricter appearance expectations. For these settings, it's crucial that your Viking haircut meets standards of professionalism. This doesn’t mean you have to forego the hairstyle entirely. Instead, opt for toned-down versions of the Viking style. Go for neat braiding, sleek ponytails and well-trimmed facial hair. Consider a tapered or faded undercut instead of a dramatic shave to avoid unnecessary attention.

The Viking haircut can be quite versatile indeed and could fit into various work environments as long you maintain a professional and neat appearance. Understanding the workplace culture and incorporating slight modifications can go a long way in maintaining your unique identity while adhering to professional standards. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between your adventurous spirit and the workplace's unwritten code of conduct.

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