Top 5 modern Viking-inspired hairstyles

Top 5 modern Viking-inspired hairstyles

You may have come across a television series or something of the like that depicts Vikings with their different hairstyles and outfits. Are you tempted to start cutting your hair and donning braids as they did but are a bit iffy for fear of looking too out of place? If you’re looking for a way to incorporate their dated styles into modern-day society, you might be interested in getting some of the following modernised Viking-inspired hairdos done.

The first thing you should know, however, is that many of these movies and TV shows are not always historically accurate. But whether you choose to take inspiration from fiction or historically accurate sources, these styles all give the tough, edgy feel that may have inspired you to make a change to your usual style.

Most TV shows portrayed Vikings as tall, and strong people who sported their hair in different kinds of thick braids. If you’re looking for a statement style to incorporate creativity into your look, or if you just want to keep long hair away from your face, we suggest learning how to braid. Regular Dutch Braids and French Braids are the most recommended styles, especially for those who have wavy or straight hair. On the other hand, we encourage getting a protective style to Black Men to keep their hair healthy. Cornrows will not only keep your textured hair healthy, but they also add a beautiful aesthetic to your looks.

Flowing Long Hair
Like many other cultures in ancient times, Vikings liked to grow their hair long. Despite what most people think, they were very hygienic and took care of themselves well. Vikings kept their hair long as a form of protection from the harsh cold climate of their surroundings. They may not have viewed their long hair through the lens of vanity, but we people of the modern day can appreciate the masculine aura that one can exude when one wears long hair. There are many benefits of growing your hair out, aside from what’s mentioned above it’s also versatile and you can style long hair in a ton of different ways. And in the end, if you feel as if the style doesn’t suit you, you can just get an appointment and have it cut.

So despite what most of the world thinks, braids and dreadlocks were not the most common style that Vikings wore back then. It was likely that they did, but there is a more popular style found depicted in historic artefacts that previously belonged to the Vikings. Most historian call it the reverse mullet, they’d grow their hair out at the front of their head and shave the back completely clean. Quite the fashion statement if you’d do this today. For a modern take, try getting an undercut. This look is probably the edgiest style on this list. It’s already quite common among rock artists and gives off the vibe that you wouldn’t back down from a fight. Sporting an undercut is not recommended for those who wish to keep a clean-cut appearance. But if you do decide to give it a try, there’s no doubt that you’re someone that people shouldn’t mess with.

Faux Hawk
If you really want to incorporate the reverse mullet to your look but a shaved side is too out there for you, a faux hawk is your best bet! This style will emulate the long hair in the front but in a less risky manner. You’ll need to have very short or even shaved sides of your head, with a longer top to achieve this look. Overall, a lot of styling is needed if you want to maintain this look every day. Styling products like gel or a mousse are required to slick your hair to the centre of your head.

Half-Up Bun
This hairstyle was a common one that Vikings favoured. They were able to keep their long flowing hair, while also finding a way to increase their ability to see on the battlefield. Although that’s not something you have to worry about today, it’s still a good idea to pull your hair back away from your face when you’re eating. And even if you want to acquire that rugged Viking look all the time, instances like office meetings or formal parties require you to clean up your look. The Half-Up Bun can be done in a very neat way to accommodate these events, but you can still get the tough messy look after by taking a strand or two and framing your face!

Vikings gave thought to their looks, unlike what stereotypes say, but their main priority was their comfort and combat readiness. Their favoured styles had practical origins that helped them in their battles. Take that principle into consideration as you choose a hairstyle because the hair will not only affect your vanity but how you go about your day as well. You can Get in Touch with our barbers at Get Groomed if you're having difficulty finding a style that fits your needs and wants. They can help you find something gorgeous and practical for the battles you face every day!

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