Barber’s secret: 6 things to do to get the haircut you will actually like

Barber’s secret: 6 things to do to get the haircut you will actually like

Squeezing a barber’s appointment to our busy schedule is a luxury of time we cannot afford to waste. It’s for the same reason why many just prefer to stick to the basics – forgetting all about the styles, the trends, and others; worse, they end up getting a haircut that they don’t actually like. So before you fall into a regretful decision that will ruin your life… I mean your hair, let us give you some tips on picking the right barber service for you!

Determine what you want to achieve
There are many motivations in hair grooming for sure, but the most important question will be – what is it really that you want to achieve? Do you want to look more youthful? Or look more mature? Do you want to be more laid-back? Or more professional-looking? These are some of the questions you have to answer in mind, and once you do, you may have a clearer image of the style or the service you really want to get.

Consider your face shape
Once you figure out your goal, it is now time to find out which style suits you best. One thing to consider is your face shape. It’s important to know which part of your face to hide or to accentuate. There is always a good style that will compliment your face shape, and this will greatly help you in deciding which style will suit you perfectly. However, a good barber knows what goes and what does not in highlighting your best features.

Lookup for an inspiration
Another way to get a grasp of what you are trying to achieve is getting inspiration. Unlike the old days, you wouldn’t need to stock up some magazines to know what’s new in the hairstyling department, because today Instagram and Pinterest are the way to go! Showing your hairspiration to your barber will also help for a better assessment. Think about your lifestyle You may also want to look over your day-to-day activities – your routine, or better yet your lifestyle. It matters for your choice of service – whether it is a haircut or beard styling – prepping may consume much of your time, as well as maintaining it. Ask yourself, “how many hours or minutes am I willing to spend grooming?”. So if you are the type of person who is always on the run, you may want to go for low-maintenance styles; but if you are someone who can spare all the time in the world for a hair routine, then you have got an advantage to go more stylish.

Consult an expert Barber
If there is another person who knows what looks best for you, it is the BARBER! A good one may come up with suggestions based on your preference. Our expert barbers in Get Groomed will guide you through the new hair and beard styles that you are looking for. Whether it be on clippers, and/or scissor works; beard trimming, and/or shaving; their skillful hands will make sure to enhance your best features and manage a perfect style for you.

Keep in mind!
You may go classic or trendy with your haircut, but what matters most is that you carry yourself with confidence and let your character stand out. Like a good old saying goes, “You are only as good as your last haircut”, so always make it count.

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