No to dandruff: Scalp care tips every man needs to know

No to dandruff: Scalp care tips every man needs to know

Have you ever found yourself exasperated with an itchy and dry scalp?

Having dandruff problems have been plaguing men for years. Though for others, it comes and it goes. This may be a common problem, but it is definitely irritating and alarming to have. It is uncomfortable, frustrating, and quite embarrassing — especially when you visit your barber for a haircut; worrying that he will get startled when he sees your scalp. Hence, knowing how to take care of your scalp to prevent this dilemma is definitely important.

But what really is dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. Those harmless dry, white flakes of dead skin you usually brush off your shoulders, are dandruff. This may get worse when you are stressed or sick. Though cold and dry seasons may also trigger the condition.

In terms of its signs and symptoms, aside from the white flakes itself, dandruff manifests by making the scalp itchy, greasy, and sometimes, having those annoying dry scales. Apart from that, in severe cases, yellowish to reddish bumps along the hairline may actually occur.

Mate, to prevent this from happening, Get Groomed is giving you some tips to make your scalp healthy!

Scalp Care Tips to Prevent Dandruff

1. Pay Attention to Your Hair Products

Some shampoos and conditioners can trigger allergic reactions. If you have noticed that your scalp is itching after a wash or several washes; and you noticed that there is a dandruff build-up, well most likely your scalp has a bad reaction to the hair product that you used.

Identifying which product causes your scalp to react in a certain way allows you to have an awareness of what your scalp resonates with. In addition, paying attention to the ingredients in your hair products is also vital. Did you know that synthetic ingredients and artificial fragrances may irritate your scalp?

We suggest that you must avoid products that have strong chemicals such as bleach, alcohol, or potent synthetic scent. Instead, look for hair products with mild ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Patchouli Oil, etc. which can help heal and soothe your scalp.

2. Regularly Check Your Scalp

Does your scalp start to itch? Are there yellowish to reddish bumps forming in your hairline? Are there white flakes falling on your collar or your shoulders? These are actually red flags that there are dandruff forming on your scalp.

Checking your scalp allows you to be conscious if the condition is starting. If you have this awareness, you will be able to prevent or treat it so that it would not worsen. However, if the condition does not improve, consult with a dermatologist to get a prescription for it.

3. Treat Your Scalp Like Your Skin

Your scalp is the same as the skin on the rest of your body. If you are doing some simple skin care habits such as exfoliation and moisturizing your face, why not put some attention on your scalp as well?

Using hair products such as shampoo and conditioner is actually not enough. These products are designed to clean and condition your hair. Well, how about your scalp? A solid scalp care routine is definitely necessary!

Brush your hair every day to create good blood circulation in the scalp. Then, in terms of applying shampoo and conditioner to your hair, you can do it twice or thrice a week. Finally, regularly condition your scalp using scalp treatments. Massage the treatment onto the scalp and leave it for at least 20 minutes before rinsing out.

4. Never Leave Shampoo and Conditioner Residue

A quick shower may prevent you from getting late to work. However, leaving a product residue on your scalp has its consequences. Keep in mind to rinse your hair and your scalp properly after lathering with hair products.

To get the products out, work your fingertips thoroughly through your hair and your scalp for at least 30 seconds. Remember, the thicker your hair, the longer it should be rinsed.

Having a healthy scalp can make you confident and comfortable. Do not wait for dandruff to appear on your head. I am telling you mate, it is annoying, embarrassing, and really itchy. It may also lead to worse conditions that require medical attention. Therefore, it is definitely important to prevent it. Just remember the scalp care tips we provided above. Certainly, these steps would help you achieve that clean and healthy scalp!

For more tips on scalp care, hair care, and hairstyles, do not hesitate to ask our expert barbers at Get Groomed . You may also check our top-notch services that we offer. Contact Us or Book with Us for your next barber’s appointment only here at Get Groomed.

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