Best haircare product trends for men 2022

Best haircare product trends for men 2022

Hair care is not only a staple for the ladies, apparently it is the gents’ business as well.
How we groom and style our hair can actually affect our overall look and can take our confidence along with it. Surely, allotting a barber’s day for yourself is vital in men’s hair care, but remember, the things you do to your hair ‘after’ are just as important.
There are a lot of hair products out there in the market to choose from, but did you know which one goes well with your hairstyle? Here, we listed down our best pick of haircare products to maintain those great locks!
Great for all hair types! If you want to pull-off an ‘effortless bedroom’ hair, this is a product we highly recommend. It will give texture to the hair, shine-free! And if you’re the type of lad who’s out all day, fiber has got a high hold, so no need to worry about messing up the ‘messy’ hairstyle.
This is great for men with thinning hair; just apply a little amount to dry hair to style, and still leave the hair follicles to breathe. It may also be applied to damp hair, which can actually give it a stronger hold, though, it may leave a light to medium shine on your hair. Another great thing about it, it can easily be restyled, so you can sport both the neat looking office hottie, to a more laid back (still a hottie) look.
If you’re not much into styling and just want your hair neatly fixed especially for those men with long hair, then this is a good product for you. Better applied to a clean damp hair for a better hold. This product gives a natural effortless whip to your hair, it’s almost the same as wearing nothing but with your hair kept in place.
For men with curly hairstyles, there is curl cream. This holds the waves and curls in place by adding moisture to the hair, without giving it too much weight.
Works perfect for both straight and curly hair, and best applied damp. It gives extra moisture to the curls, keeping it more defined and intact. It works best for a shorter hairstyle, keeping it well shaped and volumised.
If you want to get that smooth back, ‘can’t mess my hair’, kind of suave, then pomade it is. Best applied to damp hair. Although, you have to be a little careful with the application, as it has the tendency to be greasy, so you don’t really want to go overboard with it.
This is great for adding thickness, body and texture to the hair. It’s kind of like paste but much less ‘re-workable’, so you might have to think about the hairstyle that’d work good for you for the whole day. It’s also good for all hair types, has a strong hold and less shine.
Add definition and texture to the hair, keeping it looking sleek and neat. Works best with thinner and shorter hair; although it can also be workable with men of thicker hair by layering it into the hair to make sure it’s been distributed evenly, or swap to other products like clay or fiber. You also have to be careful with the application and need not to be excessive with it, as it can weigh everything down if done so.
The list goes on and on, yet, if you’re still not sure on what works best for your chosen hairstyle, you may also consult our expert barbers for their recommendation.
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