Secrets to becoming an A-lister (on a budget)

Secrets to becoming an A-lister (on a budget)

Male celebrities you witness on films, TV shows, red carpets, and even at exclusive parties do not wake up on their beds actually looking like that. These A-listers spend a lot of time ensuring that they look dashing — their hair looks proper, their skin looks healthy, and their blemishes are concealed.

But the thing is, these celebrities have assistants, hair and makeup artists, and stylists behind the scenes preparing and taking care of their appearance; making sure that they always look perfect.

Working with various celebrities, and professional staff we mentioned have the mastery, the skills, and the knowledge to transform the look of a regular guy into a film superstar. But how about you?

If you desire to look dashing and finesse like your favorite A-lister, you do not have to worry about looking for those complicated and expensive regimens to achieve that. No matter your budget or grooming acumen, we can help you look and feel like a celebrity with these secrets. Here are some tips to look like a film star without the need to be one.

Great Tips to Look Like an A-lister

1. Oil up that beard

Keep in mind to condition your beard. Mate, it is necessary to soften it up especially during the winter as the hair becomes dry very easily during the season. To keep your beard lush, you can massage it with a small amount of beard oil at least every other day.

If there is no beard oil available at hand, you can definitely have a quick visit to your kitchen and get a teaspoon of olive oil for your beard. You may also use coconut oil too, which is non-comedogenic — meaning this is a product that contains ingredients that would not clog or block the pores on your skin. Meanwhile, if you do not want to smell like coconut, you may use avocado oil or olive oil as well.

2. Exfoliate your skin

The last thing you want is for your pores to get clogged by dirt and impurities. Exfoliation is important because this process removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Men’s skin is up to 30% thicker than women’s, not to mention your skin produces more oil.

Hence, without proper exfoliation, your dead skin cells may get trapped on the surface of your skin. This leads to dark spots, rough skin texture, dullness, wrinkles, and flaky skin.

We recommend you use face scrubs containing natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. In addition, avoid products that have artificial fragrances that can irritate your skin.

3. Use eyebrow powder to camouflage receding spots

If you have a noticeable receding hairline, go to your nearest drugstore or ask your girlfriend or your wife if she has eyebrow powder. Use this eyebrow powder to fill in the weak spots in your hairline. For better results, remember to look for a product that is close to your natural hair color, or perhaps just a shade darker.

To camouflage your thinning spots, after you style your hair (and it’s dry), use a stiff little brush to apply on the receding spots of your hairline. Begin slowly and build from there. Once you are done, remember to set it with hairspray.

4. Wear sunscreen daily

According to Metro , more than a quarter of UK adults believe they do not need to use SPF products or sunscreen, because they think that the sun in the United Kingdom “is not strong enough”. But experts, however, said that this is not the right mindset to have, for it is simply not true.

Applying sunscreen on your face and your skin each day seriously helps extend your youthful skin. Plus, it also makes your skin healthier in the long run.  Aside from that, sunscreen also serves as a moisturizer so it also eliminates another skincare step and it is easy to remember. 

5. Regularly visit your barber (or let the barber visit you)

Endlessly delaying your visits to your barber definitely hinders you from acquiring the best A-lister look that you want to achieve. Trips to your barber do not only make you look great, but it is actually healthy for you. Though, if you do not have the time to visit a barber, our Get Groomed | Mobile barbers can actually visit you in your place!

Your hair health is constantly threatened by various elements such as heat, friction, and other daily activities. These things may actually cause negative effects on your hair health, leading to damaged-looking hair.

Your barber knows how to style and take care of your hair far better than any other regular guys out there. Making grooming a priority is important so that you can have strong and healthier hair and also you will always be in style. Barbers can recommend a hairstyle that is flattering to your face and your style, thus enhancing your features and making you look like an A-lister.

If you want to achieve that dashing A-lister look without leaving your place, our expert mobile barbers at Get Groomed can definitely help you with that. Contact Us or Book with Us for your next barber’s appointment only here at Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers.

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