The best hair care routine for curly hair

The best hair care routine for curly hair

Many men fail to pay attention to their hair in the more intricate sense. For most, as long as they look decent and they aren’t experiencing balding, then there’s no crisis. However, men should be more attentive to the health of their hair. People do say it’s one's crowning glory – men are no exemption! And this responsibility weighs heavier for those with curly hair.

Curly hair requires extra maintenance as compared to straight hair. The texture is different, thus the effects of climate and pollution can be dire. Many choose to straighten their hair permanently to get rid of these problems, but there are measures you can take to keep your hair curly and strong.

Use the Right Products
Most shampoos are not healthy for any kind of hair. Especially those 3-in-1 shampoos you can buy at your local grocery store. Instead, do intense research on products that can provide moisture to your hair and scalp. Curly hair has difficulty absorbing moisture that will keep your hair lively. If you’re seeing frizzy hair or experiencing breakage, you need to start using products that promote moisture. Also, buy the complete set: shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. While this may seem expensive at first, you’ll be more accepting of the price range once you see the difference!

Settle on a Routine
Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wash your hair every day. This is especially true for those with curly hair. We established earlier that curly hair experiences difficulty absorbing moisture. So giving your hair at least a day or two to absorb the natural oils that your scalp produces will be a good benefit. Having a routine means giving yourself a couple of hours to focus on washing your hair.

First, you must use lukewarm water, because intense heat or cold can cause damage. Using your selected moisturising shampoo, massage your scalp and hair. Massaging will help the scalp absorb the products well. Right before beginning the drying process, you can also spray the leave-in conditioner to lock in the moisture. As for drying, there are quite a few methods you can try! Many just choose to let the air dry their curls naturally, this will take a while but you can start going about your day. If you wish to indulge yourself in hair care, you can scrunch out the water from your hair. Use your hands to crumple your hair, don’t twist or ring out your strands. Scrunching is amazing if you wish to enhance the shape of your curls.

Protect Your Hair While You Sleep
Many tend to forget about what happens to their hair while they rest at night. Unfortunately, during these hours of deep sleep, you have no control over your actions. While you toss and turn, the friction produced by the pillow and your head causes damage to your hair. It may seem like a funny idea, but it’s suggested that you start wearing a silk bonnet. The fabric’s smooth texture reduces friction greatly, resulting in little damage to your hair. If a bonnet seems too much you can choose to go with silk pillowcases instead!

Your hair is one of the first things others will notice about you, so it’s important to keep it looking presentable. Taking care of your curls will also boost your confidence, leading to enhanced overall well-being. If you don’t know where to start with taking care of your hair, you can turn to your barber. Get Groomed’s barbers are experienced in taking care of different hair textures! Book an Appointment today to refresh your hairstyle and begin your hair care journey!

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