London's vintage hairstyles for black tie events

London's vintage hairstyles for black tie events

London was known for its afternoon tea and formal dinner parties. The ladies and the gentlemen would gather for a time of socialising and courtship. Everyone would be styling themselves and showing off their best dresses and suits for the occasion. Honorary men would take this opportunity to look dashing, may it be in the hopes of impressing the ladies! And If you’re getting ready for such an elegant event and you’re not sure how to style yourself, it’s a good idea to try something a bit old-school.

Vintage styles will have a posh and formal air to them that will fit perfectly in black-tie events. While many may choose to go the modern route when it comes to styling, you’ll draw everyone’s eye with something vintage. Read on to explore a couple of classic hairstyles that will make you a star at every formal event!

Tight Side Part
Although not all formal settings are considered uptight, this style might be a bit strict. This style requires you to create a clean side part, and the hair combed to the side must be slicked down with holding products. It’s a style easily achieved by those with thin hair. Unless one doesn’t mind using a lot of hair spray or gel, those with thick hair can try something else. But don’t let that deter you from trying if you think you can pull it off, King Charles III had slightly thick hair in his youth and that didn’t stop him from having the Tight Side Part as his signature style.

Slightly Tousled
In the early 19th century, it was not uncommon to see unruly hair in formal settings. Back then this style was seen as romantic and charming. We can still apply this concept now, even with a little bit of styling. We recommend this style for those with thick or curly hair since volume is required to give this style life. Run your fingers through your hair a bit, and apply styling mousse so it holds a certain form. Remember, tousled does not mean messy. Give your hair some life, but remember to keep it tame!

Slicked Back Side Part
This style takes two classic hairstyles and combines them to create a new look. It was a popular style amongst men who worked in formal settings and the ranks of the royal family. Even Prince Philip wore this hairstyle a great deal. To achieve this style, create a distinctive part on your selected side. Using your styling product of choice, slick back your hair. Some people might confuse this look with the regular slick back which styles the hair from the front to back. The Slicked Back Side Part styles it from the side to the back instead.

If trendy hairstyles just aren’t your fancy, take inspiration from these old favourites. There is something for both the serious and mature man, as well as for those who wish to capture the charming feel of the hero in an old romance novel. And while a fancy hairstyle can help you establish a formal look, don’t forget that your manners will determine your standing at any black-tie event. Indulge in the spirit of afternoon tea and fancy dinners! Embodying the qualities of a high-class Londoner can help get ready for that party that you’re going to! These events take quite a lot of time and preparation, if you want to look the best Booking an Appointment at Get Groomed is a brilliant idea. Have your hair professionally styled before the big event and look dashing as ever!

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