Trending bodybuilder hairstyles through the years

Trending bodybuilder hairstyles through the years

Bodybuilding is a fascinating sport. Not only does it require intense athletic training, but bodybuilders need to continuously exercise their mind’s connection to their muscles as well. And like any sport, there are competitions to show off their skills. Although unlike other sports, bodybuilding competitions operate more like beauty pageants. There are judges and all eyes will be on the aesthetics of each competitor. Hair may be the tiniest factor in winning, but in a competition that judges a person’s overall presentation, giving it a little thought would prove valuable. Trends change, so take a peek at what the bodybuilding community favoured over the years.

1950s - 1980s
Thicker hair and bigger styles were popular in this era. In general, the world was all about big hair. It’s no surprise that the trend was common in the bodybuilding community as well. The comb over was the community's favourite. Several Mr. Olympia winners had this style during the competition that made them title holders. It’s quite simple to do, just sweep your hair to the side. But don’t push it flat against your head. Fluff it up just a bit to get that fluffy 80s hair!

The brushed up look was also a popular hairstyle among bodybuilders in the 80s. Keeping with the big hair theme, they favoured the visually bigger version. The key to getting a brush up looking like it was styled in the 80s, is to maintain volume. The cut would consist of medium-length sides, back and top. Using mousse to build the shape is also better than gel which could weigh the style down.

1990s - 2000s
Short hair was starting to gain popularity in the early 90s. Some bodybuilders began choosing this length because it was more convenient to train with than the previous, popular big hair. It also promoted the judges and the audience to focus on the competitor’s physique. Less hair, less distraction. Nevertheless, having good hair still adds to a person’s overall appearance. In the 90’s the transition was very evident. The military cut was the middle ground between the previous big hair and the incoming extremely short hair. This style had shaved sides and a short top. This started the favour of having lightweight hairstyles but still had some flair.

The early 2000s saw the rise in shaved heads, mainly buzz cuts. They are simple, neat and favoured among bodybuilders who want to sweat less. There’s not much to say about this style because what you see, is what you get. It’s masculine and gives off a strong image, very fitting for bodybuilders!

The 2010s
While the buzz cut’s popularity hasn’t faded in the least, bodybuilders are starting to get adventurous. The faux hawk is starting to gain some traction. As opposed to the previous shaved heads this style requires slightly longer hair. Copy the shape of a mohawk by slicking your hair to the middle and you’ve got the faux hawk. This is significantly safer than its original inspiration but still somewhat adventurous, especially in the bodybuilding community.

Bodybuilding is a gruelling sport, it is understandable that athletes rarely change the trends. Still, all these styles will still hold up well today. If one of them caught your attention, you should really consider Booking an Appointment at Get Groomed Mobile Barbers! Our excellent barbers will surely help you achieve these bodybuilding hairstyles!

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