Hairstyles for the active man

Hairstyles for the active man

We adapt our choices in food, clothing, and hair based on our lifestyle. Whether being active means that you play tons of sports, work out a lot, or travel frequently, every decision you make should contribute to making life easier. Hair may become a small factor that can sometimes teeter towards the edge of inconvenience. With the following hairstyles, however, you can focus on your daily activities while still looking amazing!

The Buzz Cut
The best way to describe this cut is freeing. With your hair so closely cropped to your head, there’s nothing to get in the way of any sport or activity you’re enjoying. It’s a sensible style for any dynamic person because there’s no hassle or distraction and quite literally, your head will feel lighter. The buzz cut has a masculine appeal that will enhance your active image. It’s also very easy to maintain. You can even do it yourself daily if you’ve got electric hair clippers and want to maintain the shortness. Most people let it grow out for the course of a month before returning to their barbers.

The Short Brush-Up
The brush-up is a common style among men in general because it’s one of those “handsome” styles, but active men will benefit from it greatly. Aside from vanity, the brush-up is very easy to style. Brushing your fingers through your hair to give it volume and shape is the most basic step. Some people use gel to maintain its shape, but that’s for those who have more time to spend doing their hair. Because for busy men like you, having a hairstyle that doesn’t need excessive attention is more desirable. You can get a brush-up by asking for shorter sides and a longer top during your haircut. The shorter all sides are, the longer you have to get your haircut again!

The Undercut
If you’re looking for an edgier look, you should go for an undercut. The beauty of this style is that the sides and back are lightly shaved. It’s very light and airy, but you’ve still got some hair that you can style at the top if you wish to. It gives a person the option to look more neat when it’s slicked back, or more active with a brush-up. The versatility gives you the chance to adapt to whatever setting you’re in. It’s comfortable to have when you play sports, but also pleasing to look at for more formal events. You don’t need to have a bland hairstyle if maintenance is a hassle for you. These styles are quite comfortable but still send the message that you’re a put-together person. Whether you’re on the court taking a walking tour, you can look dapper with the right hairstyle. Don’t hinder yourself from looking like the complete package just because you have little time for hair styling. If you need help in that aspect, that’s what the barbers at Get Groomed are here for!

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