What to do when your hair is turning grey

What to do when your hair is turning grey

For many people, the moment they spot that first strand of grey hair is (for lack of a better word) terrifying. Most people worry about vanity, while others are troubled by the fact that they are starting to age. There are ways to deal with this change in one’s life. Even if it feels like it, the world isn’t over just because your hair is starting to grey. This is natural, and everyone goes through it eventually. How you deal with it is up to you; however, you might want to consider these simple tips on how you can manage your greying hair.

Dye Your Hair a Fun Colour
If you haven’t done it in the past, now’s the perfect time! You’re getting older, it’s time to do things that you haven’t before. People may say that colouring your hair is unprofessional, but only you know your environment. Nowadays, lots of offices allow dyed hair! And if bright colours aren’t allowed you can always choose natural colours such as brown or blonde! If it’s something you have to think about, you can wait till all your hair turns grey. It may take a couple of years but at least you're sure about your decision!

Dye Your Hair Grey
If you’re not comfortable with seeing the transition between your natural hair colour and grey, we suggest that you take it all the way! You can have your hair dyed to match the greying hair strands and skip the transition stage altogether. However, if you choose to do this you’ll have to maintain the colour while your hair hasn’t naturally turned grey yet. You’ll also need to use purple shampoo because dyed hair can have different tints sometimes. The purple shampoo cancels out unwanted yellowing.

Embrace the Change
We often applaud celebrities who age gracefully instead of medically altering their appearances. You can employ this principle by letting your greying hair naturally take its course. It’s not even unattractive! Lots of women find grey hair quite appealing because it's a sign of masculine maturity. We have Pierce Brosnan for example. The famous actor embraced his greying hair and he is still as handsome as ever. Flaunt this change in your life, because all it takes is a little bit of confidence!

Be Careful of Heat Damage
As with every other physical part of your body, your hair weakens as you age. Some start shedding their hair completely, and many experience breakage. Thus, you must be careful and take extra care of your hair. It’s time to avoid heat damage. Blow dryers and hair straighteners may cause damage so you should start letting your hair dry naturally. It’s also advisable to start wearing hats outdoors, and if you haven’t yet, begin buying products that help reinforce your hair’s strength!

Get a New Hairstyle
Grey hair automatically gives off an air of maturity. To enhance this into something more attractive, get a more mature hairstyle. Something that is viewed as a gentleman’s hairstyle or a formal style. The slicked-back hairstyle is a simple one that many think of as handsome. You don’t necessarily need to keep it extremely formal, simply comb it back away from your face. Keeping it neat is the trick to having that gentleman image that many women fall for.

So while your greying hair is a reminder of your age, it does have its perks. This is especially true for those who look quite young with boyish features. Greying hair just might be a blessing. It’s a chance to try something new! Another thing you can do to embrace ageing gracefully is to start booking hair appointments. Leave tasks such as haircuts and treatments to the experts. The barbers at Get Groomed will surely help you feel comfortable with this change in your life! Get in Touch or Book an Appointment today!

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