Tips on how to manage grey hair for men

Tips on how to manage grey hair for men

The onset of grey hair should not be treated with contempt. It should be dealt with, in fact, as it’s a natural occurrence.

If you didn’t know yet, you’d be surprised to find out that these days, the younger crowd seems to be finding the grey hair hip and cool. Many of them can be seen having their hair purposely turned grey for that sophisticated look. It’s that air of wisdom they’re after, aside from the fact that the silver side has been considered a legitimate stylish hair color for a while now.

1. Cut the look

A fashionable cut is a powerful way to transform your style, regardless of your hair color. So even if you have silver hair and mane, there’s a silver lining to that! Styling is the key and adopting a modern haircut can transform not only your look, but also your outlook.

2. Dye or no dye?

The silver color may be fashionable for the young set by using artificial methods to get the look, but for the older guys who have it naturally, the key to rocking it is by accepting it and by being confident with it. Some of the most desirable men in Hollywood are known to rock one too, such as Mark Ruffalo and George Clooney. If you desire so, you can even further enhance your silver locks by visiting a reputable hairdresser.

3. Products

grey hair, unless dyed, is not something you can’t always hide from. You need to face the music and look for ways on how you can make your grey hair to your advantage. One way to do this is to make use of hair products in the market that can help you bring out the best features and angles of your grey hair! A lightweight gel or mousse will give you a more natural look and will accentuate your shine rather than mask your silver tones, so make sure your product isn't too thick. Remember that a pomade will thicken extremely nicely, but choose a silky finish for a more contemporary spin on this appearance.

4. Blow dry to blow minds

grey hair can look dull when neglected and left on its own. Make it more alive and robust with a blow dry! The more voluminous your grey hair is, the more it looks youthful and appealing. grey hair is not necessarily all about old age when you know how to make it look full by constant blow-drying. Also, another advantage of a thicker hair is it emphasizes the grey highlights itself, which connotes confidence and wisdom.

5. Dress up as your tresses

Going with the flow of the trends to make up for the silver appearance will not cut it if your fashion doesn’t keep up. Your clothing selection contributes a lot to your pursuit of youthfulness, dropping pieces of apparel that are associated with the yesteryears will complement your now stylized silver locks. Try minimalist colors in fitting clothes. Dress yourself in a way that you look age-appropriate and not in a way that you look trying hard to be one of the boys! Go for classic pieces and timeless colors.

Get more ideas and updates on how to manage your grey hair! Check out Get Groomed and see our services to turn your silver mane to be the best thing to happen on the way you look this 2022!

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