2023 Trendy beard styles for men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

2023 Trendy beard styles for men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

It is true that age is just a number, and even though we can’t stop the years from passing by, you can still achieve a trendy beard style.

Having a styled beard can add character and maturity to someone's overall appearance. So, whether you’re young or old, a stylish beard can be a great addition to your look.

As a timeless symbol of masculinity, the beard has become popular with men of all ages and there are plenty of beard styles to choose from. To inspire and help you, Get Groomed made a list of trendy beard styles that will suit your age and personality. You'll be happy as a clam.

1. Stubble - (Best for 20's to 40's) A Stubble is a timeless beard style that comes in a variety of lengths from short stubble to heavy stubble. Choosing a stubble type depends on the growth of your facial hair and own preference.

Men in their 20’s to 40’s can achieve this style. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, stylish, and clean look then asking your barber for a stubble might be best for you.

2. Classic Full Beard - (Best for 30's to 40's) – A Classic Full Beard is a beard style that grows from the cheek line and extends downwards with defined necklines. This style can be achieved by men in their 30’s to 40’s, especially for someone who can fully grow their facial hair.

So, if you want to look sophisticated and mature, asking your friendly barber for a full beard is the best option for you.

3. Short Boxed Beard - (Best for 30's to 40's) – A Short Boxed Beard is another style of full beard with sharp lines around the jawline that resembles a box. This type of full beard style is also known as the “corporate beard” because of its formal, clean look.

If you want a classy, edgy, and refined look, asking for a short boxed beard is a must.

4. Goatee – (Best for 20’s) – A standard goatee means having hair on chin that extends to the soul patch only. No facial hair will extend to cheeks and jaw, this style also does not require someone to grow a moustache.

This style is best for men in their 20’s. So, if you want a minimal look, having a goatee beard is the style that you’re looking for.

5. The Bandholz – (Best for 30’s) – The Bandholz is inspired by an entrepreneur named Eric Bandholz. It is a longer type of full beard with a moustache. The facial hair will cover the chin, lower jaw, and upper neck.

The Bandholz is best for men in their 30’s who like to sport a rugged and adventurous style.

These are just some of the many beard styles that you can choose from. Always remember that choosing a beard style still depends on your face shape and facial hair thickness.

Luckily, Get Groomed professionals can help you decide what style best suits you. Get Groomed professionals can help you from hairstyles to beard styles.

And if your problem is maintaining your styled beard, Get Groomed also offers beard restyling, trimming, and clipping, even if you’re busy and can’t go out, you don’t have to worry because Get Groomed is a mobile barber that can tend to your needs in the comfort of your home. In Get Groomed you can have Your Style, at Your Place, in Your own Time.

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