Moustache 101: The ultimate guide to moustache styles

Moustache 101: The ultimate guide to moustache styles

Now that you’ve decided to grow out your facial hair, it’s time to learn about the different styles you can choose from. There are tons of them, so we've narrowed it down to the most common kinds so you don't get overwhelmed.

How to Grow that 'Stache

Before you get to pick a style, you first need to know how to actually grow out a moustache. These are tips that can help you. Although, you have to remember that genetics play a big part in how long it will take you to grow one, or if you’ll even be able to grow one at all.

Take a look at your dad’s pictures. As mentioned earlier, genetics will play a huge part in the moustache-growing process. If your father and grandfather have beautiful moustaches, then that’s almost a surefire way to tell that you’ll have no problems growing one, too.

Shave. A clean-shaven face will help you shape your moustache into your chosen style.

Learn your face shape. The four common face shapes are Round, Square, Oval, and Rectangle. For an extensive guide on this topic, check out our Know the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape in this 2023 article.

Be patient. Moustaches take at least a few weeks to a month to grow. Sometimes it may even take longer; it’s different for everyone. Don’t lose hope immediately if you see nothing but stubble in the first week.

Get the equipment. Make sure you have the tools you need to maintain your new look. Electric clippers and moustache scissors are essential tools for shaping and maintaining. For beginners, it’s better to stick with moustache scissors. Electric clippers are hard to control; you wouldn’t want to damage your progress.

Buy care products. Many of us have hair care routines. The same should apply to your moustache. You can look for oils that can help maintain your moustache’s health.

The Styles
The following are very basic moustaches, perfect for beginners like you. Check these out before trying more intricate styles.

Chevron - The Chevron is one of the most popular moustache styles out there because it’s easy to shape. We recommend beginners try this style before venturing into more complicated waters. Grow it out long and thick enough to somewhat cover your top lip and follow its shape. The ends should extend just past your mouth width. Almost all face shapes can rock this style, but it’ll look best on square and rectangle faces.

Walrus - The Walrus Moustache is a simple style to shape, but it takes a lot of time and patience to grow. It’s a bit similar to the Chevron Moustache but thicker and longer. Named after Walrus whiskers, the bottom of the moustache hangs low and covers the top lip. Its maintenance involves combing it downwards. This style looks great on oval and rectangle-shaped faces.

Pencil - Next is the Pencil Style. Although, this one is a bit more complicated. More intricate shaping is involved in the process of getting the style. This moustache is thin and grows just right above your upper lip. It takes daily maintenance to keep it looking clean and crisp. If you have thick hair it will be easy to grow this style. Pencil Moustaches will look good on round and oval face men.

● Parted Pencil - To achieve this style, grow out the pencil moustache and shave the middle to produce the parted look.

Handlebar - This moustache is one of the more advanced styles on this list. The Handlebar is thick and parted in the middle. You’ll need to grow it long enough to shape the ends into little curls. Those little curls need to reach your cheeks for the full style. It’ll take daily waxing and clipping to maintain its shape. This style looks better on oval and square faces.

Petite Handlebar - It’s basically the mini version of the Handlebar. It has minimised thickness and doesn’t reach the cheeks like the original style.

More Styles
Below are just a few more moustache styles you can try out. Though some of these are more outlandish and decorative. So if you choose to venture down that road, get ready for stares. Both admiring and questioning.

Horseshoe - Shaped exactly as it sounds. It grows from your upper lip to the sides of your mouth, giving the look of an upside-down horseshoe.

Dali - Named after the famous painter who popularised the style, Salvador Dali. It's a variation of the pencil moustache that requires you to grow the tips long and style it upwards.

Fu Manchu - This style is a variation of the Dali, with less styling. You need to shave the middle wider and let the tips hang free.

For a lot of men, growing a moustache is a daunting task. The best thing to do is take it slow and don’t pressure yourself. You can’t force hair to grow overnight. It’s a long process, but when you achieve your favoured results it will all be worth it! If you already have an idea of what you want, contact our groomers at Get Groomed. You can also Get in Touch or Book An Appointment with us if you need to consult your chosen style!

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