6 Best beard styles for your next interview

6 Best beard styles for your next interview

Human resources professionals evaluate a candidate based on their overall appearance and attitude. With this in mind, you need to make a lasting impression. True, it’s the interview that you will be assessed on, but it doesn’t hurt if you leave a good impression in terms of your looks. Or specifically, your beard style.

A candidate's qualifications are unrelated to whether or not they have a beard. No one is less competent because they have a scraggly facial heart. However, there is something that goes beyond qualification in terms of the workplace. The customs of the workplace must be observed. He must therefore properly trim and care for his beard before facing the HR interviewer. Read the list below for the best beard for you!


If you're heading to an interview, stubble is a simple solution to facial hair. Your appearance will improve with this style of beard, whether it’s a full beard or not, and especially when it’s well-groomed. Additionally, you can simply stylize your stubble by trimming in different approaches.


A clipped, floating mustache and a beard without sideburns are characteristics of a Balbo. It resembles the short boxed beard somewhat. Since it requires extra care, finding this style on your own is challenging. So, if anybody sports a Balbo beard, it’s easy to tell that he’ss a highly stylish individual. This is definitely a boost as a candidate because employers require such well-groomed individuals for their businesses. A Goatee beard kept just under the chin can add more style to a Balbo beard. He will be able to make the most of his Balbo beard with this.


A well-groomed thick beard is all that a corporate beard is. You might refer to a beard as a corporate beard if it appears so neat and well-kept and gives off a professional and formal attitude. You only need to trim away the misbehaving beard patches and shave everything below Adam's apple while maintaining a distinct neckline and cheek line.


There are numerous moustache variations. Try the shorter ones and stay away from all the elaborate ones, as you can give a bad impression during the interview if your moustache covers your upper lip. So yes, there’s actually no prohibition regarding moustaches in the workplace or HR department. Just make sure it’s well-groomed and hygienic to look at. For more information and ideas on beard styles best for interviews, check out get groomed and see our services for the best you this 2022!

5. Van Dyk

This popular beard style is named after the famous Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. This unique beard style gives off the air that you’re competent in your claims. Instead of calling you out for such a fashionable beard, your interviewer might get impressed instead. The good thing also about this style is that if you have a round face it can also be made to appear lengthened by it. Van Dyke is known for having a mustache and a mass of facial hair under his chin. You might also consider this.

6. Beard for the Bald

Being bald is nice, but it can be spiced up with a light beard that has faded around the edges. For any bald man, it's one of the best beard styles available.

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