5 Iconic hairstyles from the World Cup for you!

5 Iconic hairstyles from the World Cup for you!

1. Chris Waddle

A lot has been said about Chris Waddle’s hair. In fact, football’s history wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it. Like Baggio’s hair. Waddle’s long hair has a world of its own, running free in the air like a lion as he sprints across the field. His talent is attention-getting enough, and we could only imagine how his hairstyle added to his starpower.

2. David Beckham

When the David Beckham mania broke out around the world in 2006, every girl wanted him, and every guy wanted to have his haircut! The guys tried to get Becks’ chops, but it seemed like it was only him who looked good with it. Will it be different this time around for men who wish for that rugged hairstyle? Visit your barber today and set a plan on how to make that ‘do look good for you!

3. Kyle Beckerman

Dreads on a white dude shouldn’t be as bad and immediately thought of as an act of cultural appropriation, especially if there’s no ill intent in the first place. If you feel like a hairstyle looks good on you, go for it and live life! Just make sure you’re just sporting the ‘do for the sole purpose of enjoying it and expressing. Otherwise, there are a million cuts out there you can wear instead.

4. Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal is a man of a thousand hairstyles. There seemed to be something unique with his hairstyle everytime we saw him running and fighting for that football in the field. But his hair for the most part of 2014 is dramatically different: his head looked like a football. Which is weird because he looked good with it! Want to be as daring as Vidal was and sport that look? Go and it might just pay off for you!

5. Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio’s haircut is a league of its own. Admittedly, it’s not for every guy’s moorings. However, if standing out is the name of your game, you shouldn’t be afraid to try to be a little more adventurous with your chops. Wearing a low ponytail when the rest of your hair around your head is short really does take a man to try it on and be able to stand tall!

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