Top 4 beards of football players

Top 4 beards of football players

We all have our role models who we derive our tastes and style from – particularly our grooming preferences. There’s lots of accessible content out there for women, but men often fall short of their ‘Aesthetic Heroes’. Luckily, most men are involved in the sports world somehow with over 46% of men in the UK watching football games.

Get Groomed eliminates the stressful travel to and from barbershops and every problem in between, by bringing specialized, professional barbering right to a client’s doorstep. Here, they discuss the top 4 beards of football players.

Adrian Mariappa Adrian Mariappa – Premier League player started his career at Watford F.C, then moved onto playing for Reading before he finally teamed up with The Eagles – otherwise known as Crystal Palace – in 2013. Mariappa’s beard moves up and down the scale from humble stubble to somewhere in between a Ducktail and Dutch beard. Either way, he’s rocking it.

Rio Ferdinand Rio Ferdinand – although retired now, Rio Ferdinand is one of the most known football players of the 21st century. Positioned centre back for England F.C and Manchester United F.C, Ferdinand was highly valued for his style on the field but also off the field, too. Enjoying his retired life, Ferdinand now sports a long stubble beard with extra points for well-kept grooming.

Adam Clayton Adam Clayton – ginger and proud, Adam Clayton is one of the best midfielders Middlesbrough F.C has to offer. Clayton started out in 2008 for Manchester City F.C, served Leeds United for two years after and has been kicking about the field for Middlesbrough F.C since 2014. But Clayton impresses us most with his beard that ranges anywhere from full to Verdi.

Lionel Messi Lionel Messi – though not one of England’s stars, the Argentinian football player has certainly been a hot topic in the UK. With rumours of him being on of the greatest footballers ever, Lionel Messi started playing for Barcelona in 2004 and was in the limelight for many years after. But lets not forget his impressive fluffly long beard – one of the best in the industry!

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