6 Best haircuts for men this Christmas 2022

6 Best haircuts for men this Christmas 2022

It’s that time of the year once again where we can be merry and sleigh our way to parties and reunions. Attending these holiday events requires our best foot forward, and what better way to start by paying attention to our hairstyle? Taking photographs will be countless this season so you better know which hairstyle is the one for you! Check out this list we prepared for you for your reference!


The comb-over is a popular and classic hairstyle among men and women of all ages. No matter how you style it, from a tidy slick back to a curly comb-over, this cut never goes out of style.


Experiment with your hairline or temples to draw attention to your best features. One of the best haircuts for men with attitude is the line-up, which can readily improve any new buzz.


With this style, you can train the knots, and keep it short—reducing style time. The great thing about curls is that they can easily be textured with a hair mousse. Wear your hair down for a polished appearance, or wear it untidy for that bad boy air, the sky's the limit with this cut.


This taper fade style is edgy and stylish, giving you a ready look both for work and play. Its slick back is sharpened with the fade both the sides and on the back. As it descends the head and becomes one with the skin, it gradually gets shorter.


Choose short, messy haircuts for that come-hither tousled look. You may appear laidback and scruffy with this style though, but who cares! Look for the best barber who can make you pull off that hot ragged hair! Be clear on how you want this style to be achieved so your barber can help you get it right.


Due to its being low maintenance but at the same attractive look, the regulation has become one of the go-to looks for many men. You get to determine how much skin you want to display by mowing the top and narrowing the sides.

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