Hairstyles that women find attractive on men

Hairstyles that women find attractive on men

Men.. If there is anything that men should allot more time to than they usually would, it’s about time they know that it should be THE HAIR. A lot of girls would agree when I say that a gentle stroke of fingers through the hair is absolutely beautiful and sometimes even stunning. Of course, it depends on the man doing so but generally, it is really beautiful. Ultimately, hairstyle is important. It builds up the energy, adds charm and confidence. So whether you are a businessman, student, corporate guy or a laid-back kinda guy, hairstyle is something to work on. So here goes a list of hairstyles that women find attractive on men:

1. Man Bun
If you’re a girl, no need for further explanation. Man bun is sexy. If you’re a guy and you want to pull this off, you need to grow your hair at least 6 inches long or else, there is no way you will be able to tie your hair. Not only is it dapper, it’s also a hairstyle that never goes out of style. Not to mention you can play with it your way, ask your barber to add details to your man bun; it could be an undercut on the sides or extend it all the way to the back. It’s also a good pair to a good stache.

2. Undercut
Did I hear a sexy haircut? ‘Cause undercut sure makes the cut! For people who are unfamiliar with this haircut, undercut is a classic style in which your sides are shaved leaving an obvious division between sides and a longer top; where volume is. For men with longer hair, this haircut is very easy to style, for men with shorter hair - it’s easy to get that texture, either wavy or curly hair.

3. Quiff
If you usually have work in the day and party in the evening, Quiff is a good company. A versatile hairstyle usually worn by men - a combination of brush up and down, at the front and back respectively. Quiff looks good on most men but best for those with round face shapes. Generally shorter at the sides and back and longer at the front.

4. Faux Hawk
Close to mohawk but a trendier and youthful one. If you’re more like a get-up-and-go kind of guy, faux hawk is the one for you. Not only is it a low maintenance hairstyle, but it is also just simply eye-catching without it being over-the-top. All you need is your pomade, brush your hair up and go. As simple as that.

All there’s left to do is call your barber and schedule an appointment to get that haircut that’ll make you more attractive. If it feels hassle to go to a barbershop, then get a barber that will come to you instead. Get Groomed is a mobile barbershop that caters haircut, beard styling and clippers anywhere in London, West Midlands, Kent, Guilford, and Manchester. No need to step out of the house to get that attractive look, book your barber today here.

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