Moustache - To grow them or to not grow them?

Moustache - To grow them or to not grow them?

Sporting facial hair is trendy these days. It may be because it has become one of the easiest ways to style yourself without consuming too much time by always shaving. What’s also great about being moustached is that it's no longer a big deal in the workplace, making you feel unhampered with your decisions concerning your facial hair.

There are still places or even situations where a moustache is not ideal to sport though. If you’re concerned about the pros and cons of having a moustache, check out this list we created just for you!

PROS: Style Options

Numerous styles and possibilities are available for moustaches, which are undoubtedly more preferred than beards. This is due to the fact that a moustache is distinguished by non-hair on the cheeks area, making you look masculine but at the same time more groomed (when the moustache is trimmed right!).

Another great thing about the moustache is it can really be effective in making you look that certain look you want to project. You know, that classic manly look that only the wisdom of a moustache can bring to the table. The moustache has ardent fans and if you want to tap that, you’re in for a good decision!

CON: Some individuals have a genuine dislike for moustaches.

It can’t be denied that there are certain preconceived misconceptions about the moustache. For many people, the moustache is such a crude and unhygienic thing, especially if you're not entirely too old to be growing one.

There are also who view the moustache as the facial hair of those who are not up to doing good. How many pop culture villains do you know who do not have a moustache? Because the moustache is such a polarizing feature, you’re either the goody-goody if you’re clean-shaven or you’re the evil-doer lurking in the cabins.


Keep in mind that each offers advantages and disadvantages. There will be greater controversy surrounding moustaches, but there will also be a wider variety of styles available. Beards will be more challenging to grow uniformly, but they are also widely seen as a more accepted and stylish facial hairstyle. Regardless, hairy facial features will always up your manly game.

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