How a change in hairstyle can boost your mental health

How a change in hairstyle can boost your mental health

Many people are unaware that our hairstyles can have a significant impact on our happiness. This is why many of us, particularly women, tailor our visits to the barbershop to our mood. The backstory to our decision to get a haircut is especially important to communicate to our hairstylists, because many of them know exactly how to help your mental health improve by giving us a specific fabulous do, as opposed to simply getting our regular haircut to keep our hair trimmed.


How we perceive ourselves is critical to our confidence and sense of security, especially if we are working on self-improvement and self-esteem. Indeed, one way to accomplish this is to improve what we see on the physical side of ourselves. This is not for the sake of vanity or listening to what others have to say about us. This is about our personal journey to better ourselves. And, because our hair is our crowning glory, what we do with it will undoubtedly play a role in our journey to greater self-acceptance and overall mental health.

Another example of how our hairstyle affects our view of ourselves and, ultimately, our mental health is how other people have successfully shifted their mindset by simply changing the angle of style or color of their hair. This is evident in celebrities, whose expertly styled hair gives them confidence as they receive positive feedback for looking good with it.

Imagine having black hair your entire life and then deciding to go blonde because you want to meet a brand new you! Consider how much better your morale will be if you follow your instincts. If you have your hairstyle exactly how you want it, it can have a direct impact on your emotions and eventually reverse any negative thoughts you may have about yourself.


Regardless of how our hairstyle influences our mental health, it is critical that we guard ourselves in times of high emotion in order to avoid regrettable actions. For example, we might do something rash that has irreversible consequences. Of course, with our hairstyle, we can always change it back, at least to an acceptable level, when we take out our mood swings on it and it results in something undesirable-looking.

Just keep in mind that, while our hair can forgive us for the things we do, it is ultimately up to us to determine how our hairstyle will make us feel better, as it should be. Wanting to look good can only help you feel good and healthy.

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