Clean-looking haircuts guide for 2023

Clean-looking haircuts guide for 2023

Having a clean haircut may come with a lot of perks, more than you know. First on the list is being low maintenance. You won’t make a fuss drying your hair, thus can make you look neat and fresh without exerting too much effort, maybe just a barber call once in a while. Also, it is more adaptable to the hairstyles that you are opting for. And, a clean haircut always finds its way into the women’s heart, there is something about being neat that women find so attractive.

With all those being said, we have here several clean haircuts that you can pull off this 2023!

Fade + Buzz Cut

When we talk about clean-cut, thou shall never get past a classic buzz cut. Just, notch it up with a side fade, and you’re good! It’s very low maintenance, and more likely a wash-and-go kind of haircut; so if you’re the kind that is too busy to put too much attention to your hair, then it’s perfect for you!

Ivy League + High Fade Cut

It’s almost like a crew cut with a short trim on the back and sides, and a little bit longer on the top good enough so you comb to a clean side part. The high fade will give emphasis to the top, making the whole look fresh and neat all the way from the sides and back.

Crew Cut + High Fade

Came from its military background, a crew cut is one of the classics and most versatile haircuts. Combined with a tapered fade on the sides will already make the look good which can work well with all face shapes and styles. However, if you want to take it to a higher notch, then, why not try it with a high fade? This gives more emphasis to the short top and will add more edge to the whole look.

Slicked Back Undercut

For men who want to sport clean long hair, this may be a great style for you! Keeping a hair length that’s at least 4-6 inches (10.16cm – 15.24cm) and shaved sides to make a great contrast style. If you want to subtle it down a little, you may also try an undercut fade for a little transition effect.

Hard Side Part + Low Fade

The side part is a timeless hairstyle for men, which comes with short sides and short to medium hair length on top. The hard part though requires a thicker and strongly defined line. Although clean and short, this may need a little effort to maintain the style, but if classic is your way to go, then this is a great hairstyle for you.

We can go on and on with the list, but before you choose which haircut will best suit you. There are other things that you have to consider, such as your face shape, your hair type, and the amount of effort you are willing to spend in fixing and styling your hair. Nevertheless, go for the hairstyle that you think you can wear most confidently.

If you’re still not sure which style you’re going for, you can always ask our professional barbers for their recommendations. You may visit Get Groomed website and check out the services we offer. Book with us and get the best haircut that will suit you right at the comfort of your own place and at your own time. You may also contact us for more inquiries.

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