2022, A year in haircuts: What hairstyles you can still sport this 2023?

2022, A year in haircuts: What hairstyles you can still sport this 2023?

Hair trends come and go. What’s popular in the 80s might make a back in the 2000s, depending on what popular culture mostly dictates. If your favorite character on TV or film has a hairstyle that’s intrinsic to his appearance, chances are you will copy his look to express your admiration or to get a feel of what it's like to be your idol if it’s only in terms of physical appearance.

2022 was a year where many hairstyles were influenced by trends. But this doesn’t mean that these hairstyles can not be carried over to 2023. Again, trends are malleable and can not be pinned to a single decade or era.

Add to this is the fact that a hair trend in a particular year itself shouldn’t be the basis on why you should discontinue the trend! Having said that, here are the hairstyles that became popular last year that you can still very well sport this 2023!

1. Undercut Fade Guys Haircuts + Side Part

This very stylish haircut was almost ubiquitous in 2022, with its outlandish yet passable-as-formal mien. Yet somehow, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna fade into oblivion anytime soon, as male social media influencers have only recently been seen sporting it, which is expected to create another wave of influence on their audience.

2. Curls

Another ubiquitous men’s hairstyle in 2022. Curly hair is such a big hit this year that even non-curly dudes have switched to it! From short to long, curly hair simply gives a different dimension to the overall style of men who do not fear to try something completely new to their mane!

3. Taper Haircut + Brushed Up

Polished yet defiant, this tapered and brushed-up style made waves among many young men both in the professional and hipster scene. With its mixture of smart and bohemian look, it’s bound to attract more guys to get into it this upcoming year.

4. French Crop Men Hairstyle

If one is to think of a popular figure that sports this hair, we bet Julius Caesar is the first guy to come to their mind! This only proves that the French Crop style stands the test of time. Many runway male models have this hair, and we can only expect it to continue being worn well this 2022 and beyond the year.

5. Brushed Up Undercut Fade

The more playful male crowd wore this haircut this year. With its strong character and little regard to conformity, we can only foresee the Brushed Up Undercut Fade to attract more recruits.

6. Side Part Hairstyles Men

Ah, the sexiness of the side part hairstyle for men! Many men recognized this distinct feature of the hairstyle and quickly adopted it for that gorgeous and dapper look! Expect this to be the go-to ‘do of guys in the professional world next year.

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