Hottest Valentine’s Day look ideas for men 2023

Hottest Valentine’s Day look ideas for men 2023

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and sooner than you know, it will be raining flowers and chocolates again. It has always been a special day when people take time to prepare and tend to be a little more romantic. And when I say prepare, I’m not only talking about the perfect Valentine's date or the cards and gifts you have planned or will be planning. Your valentine's day preparation should of course start with you. If you want to impress her/him further, this is just the perfect occasion to try out a new look, perhaps a new hairstyle to begin with.

Here’s a little guide to some ideal hairstyles for you to spice up your valentine, right at the first glance.

Burst Fade Comb Over

The burst fade is one of the most popular haircuts nowadays, a tapered fade behind the ear with the hairline left longer at the back. Combining it with the comb-over hairstyle adds a particular edge to it. So, get ready to sway your sweet love’s heart with your new suave in this reinvented version of the classic comb-over hairstyle.

Pompadour with Scissor Fade

As timeless as it is, pompadour gives out a masculine vibe. Though usually paired with a high and low fade, pairing it with a scissor fade gives it a more natural finish. It’s the perfect hairstyle to entice your date with your new look.

Short/Curly French Crop

Let’s face it! French Crop is like the ultimate haircut for men. It’s clean, versatile, and very easy to maintain. If you want to appear neat yet somehow a little edgy, then you might sport a short crop. In case, you’ve got curly hair, and still want to pull off the crop, no worries! The curly french crop will do the thing for you! There is just a certain masculinity and sexyness in this style – perfect in adding some hotspice to your look on your date night.

Curly High Fade

All curves are sexy! And that includes your curls! Get your curls to the high end. The high fade will create a great contrast style and will keep your curls naturally flowing in place. This style is very easy to pull off, which will surely impress your lovely date.

Thin Hard Part

Perfect for men with straight hair. This style is defined by the thin shaved line to part 2 different hair lengths. Teamed up with a classic fade, you’ll definitely pull off that dashing debonair look for your fancy date night.

Now, all you have to do is to dress up right for the occasion. Just remember, that there are other things to consider in choosing the right hairstyle for you, however, you should always opt for the thing that will make you feel more confident about yourself.

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