2023 Hair colour trend for men

2023 Hair colour trend for men

Hair colouring for men shouldn’t just be limited to celebrities, punks, and non-conformists. Ordinary men who simply want to spice up their appearance should not be afraid of being typecast; instead, it’s time hair should be a norm and an option for them.

But before we start, it should be noted that while hair colour does not discriminate and you are absolutely free to try any colour you fancy, your situation or lifestyle should be considered first before you turn on that colour on top of your head. Are you allergic to dye? Is it okay to be green-haired at your current job? Make sure first that your personal context will suit your leaning to go for a hair colour.

Check out some chic hair colour suggestions in this guide. Outrageous or toned down, you can choose any in the list for your first hair colour foray.

1. Light Ash Grey

Light ash grey is the hue for you if you want to go for that youthful and edgy look. If your hair has always been dark side and wishes to explore and achieve that fresh energy, consider this colour style for a brand-new you!

2. Blonde Highlights

Highlights may mean not colouring your entire hair, but it can be as attention-grabbing especially if it’s blonde highlights. If you want to retain your dark hair and just want to jazz up, get blonde highlights for that notable and irresistible contrast.

3. Blonde on Mohawk Fade

If your hairstyle is already in the edgy department like the Mohawk Fade, you can further make it edgier by transforming it to blonde! For a neat but distinctive appearance, blonde the top of your hair and wear a taper fade all the way down.

4. Golden Brown

Look like you’ve spent a month at the beach with golden brown hair. It blends well with dark hair, so you can wear this hue as highlights or as your new hair colour. Golden Brown oozes a lot of sex appeal in many male Hollywood celebrities. With the right haircut like the rugged fringe or slick back, you can maximize the best features that this hair colour can bring out in you.

5. Medium Ash Grey Hair

This darker grey hair colour for men lets you showcase the texture of your hair. It also works well with haircuts with shaved sides and a long, voluminous top.

6. Platinum Blonde

This light blonde colour has a metallic-like undertone. Complement this edgy hair colour with an equally edgy haircut like asymmetric cuts or an undercut. Whatever your haircut may be, platinum blonde simply screams EDGY.

If you find no problem with that, then 2023 should be the year to scream—with your platinum hair! For more updates and ideas on hair colour suits you, check out Get Groomed and see our services for the best you this new year!

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