London Wedding Lookbook: The Dapper Hairstyles for Stylish Grooms

London Wedding Lookbook: The Dapper Hairstyles for Stylish Grooms

A wedding is one of the most important days of one's life. But there’s this stereotype that the bride gives more thought to how she’ll look on the big day than the groom does. C’mon gentlemen, why don’t we change that? If we already put effort into our looks daily, why not do the same for the most meaningful moment of your life? Consider the styles on this list, and you might find something that'll have you looking even better than Prince Charming himself.

Ivy League
Getting your haircut for your wedding is somewhat risky. There’s a chance you’ll end up not liking how it turns out, and that might ruin your special day. So if you decide to get it cut, do it a couple of months before the wedding. If it so happens that you don’t like the results, there’s still time to grow your hair. But if you do, then it’s easy to visit the nearest barber before the wedding. With that being said, the Ivy League is a sophisticated cut that has proven itself time and time again. It’s a short style with a bit of length on top. Movie stars and businessmen alike have been known to sport this style at any formal event you can think about. And there’s no better event to show it off than at your wedding.

Slicked BackBefore you say that this hairstyle’s too basic, let me explain. Understandably, most people wouldn't be keen on trying something new for their wedding day. That's where the Slicked Back comes in. It’s a sleek and safe choice for any formal event. On the other hand, there are men whose daily flair doesn’t consist of looking too formal. This’ll be a new look for them, and their wedding day is the perfect day to try out a chic aesthetic. The Slicked Back style is feasible for anyone whose hair is not too short. If you have short hair and want to give this look a go on your wedding day, start growing your hair a few months before the big day.

Modern Pompadour
This style is a gorgeous look that screams, “I’m the groom.” Let’s be honest, plenty of people wouldn’t be able to pick the groom out of the group when they’re all wearing similar suits. One way to look significant is to get an eye-catching hairstyle, and the Modern Pompadour is just that. It’s slightly more subtle than the original Pompadour, which was all about the height. To get this look, grow your hair longer at the front of your head to properly achieve this style.

Comb Over
The Comb Over is another classic style for formal events. Although, admittedly, it’s somewhat overdone at weddings. But also, that’s the beauty of this style because not everyone has the time to experiment with new looks. However, everyone deserves to look good at their wedding. There's a reason this hairstyle is a classic, it’s clean-cut, formal, and easy to do.

Ponytail / Man Bun

These looks are for men with long manes. Maybe you regularly let your hair flow freely, but now you’re looking for something neat for the special occasion. A Ponytail or a Bun is easy enough to do with some practice. You can make it as sleek as you want it to be with wax or gel, or you can achieve a playful aesthetic with stray strands of hair to frame your face. Either way, keeping most of your hair out of your face is crucial to get good pictures of you on your wedding day.

Your wedding is also your special day, and there’s no need to hold back. Be as meticulous as you want while picking out your suit and hairstyle. It’s no shame to wish to look handsome on the big day. Wedding planning can be a hassle, and finding the right stylist can be challenging. But the barbers at Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers can fulfill that role for you. Contact Us or Book an Appointment so we can send someone directly to you, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your special day.

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