What British Haircut is Best for You Part 2

What British Haircut is Best for You Part 2

Sophisticated is one of the first words to pop into one’s mind when we talk about British men, some might even say posh. Like intellectual gentlemen, whose nose is always up in the books and always ready to engage in conversations about philosophy and knowledge. On the other hand, we have carefree souls, effortlessly embracing a more relaxed and laid-back approach to life. They often embody the endearing characters found in silly romcoms, where the heroine is swept away by a handsome British man while she is on an adventure. Whether you want to look like a sophisticated gentleman or an adventurous guy, a lot of it boils down to your hairstyle. So read on to find a haircut that’ll align with the British aesthetic that you want to live.

Curtain FringeYouthful and romantic are the vibes with this haircut. The long bangs that hang at the side of your face; define this style. This look is for those who want to look boyish and preppy. While haircuts can be chosen at any age, it is important to consider your features and personal style before opting for a curtain fringe haircut. This particular style tends to exude a youthful vibe, so it's crucial to assess whether it complements your overall appearance. If you possess relatively youthful facial features and aim to project a more mature appearance, it’s better to steer clear of this style.

Mini AfroThis one is for the Black men who wish to grow out their hair but keep it at a length that’s easy to maintain. Show off your natural curls with this look that’s both fun and sophisticated. This haircut gives off the vibe of a college student. Still young and looking for fun but also knows when to get serious. For this look, shorter sides with a little volume on top are needed. Minimal styling is involved every morning; trimming once a month will help you maintain this style.

Brush UpThe Brush Up is a popular and quite simple style. It has short sides and a long top; it is most identifiable because of its styling. To get this look, you’ll need wax or gel. Brush your fingers through your hair to get it to stand, and remember to keep it slightly tousled. The Brush Up hairstyle is renowned for its playful appeal, as it embraces a carefree aesthetic; and is not intended to appear neat or polished. For reference, Zayn Malik sported this hairstyle a lot during his time with One Direction.

Buzz Cut
This haircut is intended for men with a hectic lifestyle. The buzzcut is a short, low-maintenance cut that you won't have to style in the morning. Some might pass it off as a lacklustre look, but a star like Idris Elba has proven otherwise. It’s a straightforward style that lets everyone know that you mean business. Men with curly or very thick hair will find that this style will lessen the burden of styling it daily.

High Top Fade
Fades are characterised by shaved sides that blur where the hairline is supposed to be. If you want to show off great contrast between the top of your hair and the sides, the High Top Fade is what you're looking for. As the name suggests, this haircut requires a person to maintain the length at the top of their head. This style is recommended for those with thick or curly hair because they naturally have more volume to give the haircut some justice. The High Top Fade is for those who don’t mind spending an extra hour styling their hair.

Hopefully, this list has given you ideas for the next style you're gonna get. Play around, and test what looks good on you. Give some thought to whether you want to look fun or sophisticated.
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