How to manage haircut anxiety for men?

How to manage haircut anxiety for men?

Some men visit their barbers to pamper themselves and be relaxed. However, that is not the case for everyone, because there are some who avoid the activity as much as they can. They feel more pressure, stress, and anxiety rather than being pampered – it’s like visiting a Dentist, they say. In an article written by Tom Jenkin on THE TAB entitled, “There is Nothing Men Fear More Than a Haircut”, there are several factors that contribute to haircut anxiety; the fear of having it messed up, the fear of being questioned about their choices, and the long wait, just to name a few.

Now, if you’re one to experience such, and hoping to overcome haircut anxiety, well, you are in for a treat! Because you just found the right article for you.

Listed down below are some ways you can try to help you manage your fear of hair chops:

1. Know your triggers

Identifying your triggers will give you a better insight on how to properly manage your anxiety. Whether it’s the haircut per se, or the result perhaps, the long wait, the idea of being surrounded by strangers or any other. Whatever the reason may be, understanding the cause/s will help you come up with effective strategies to deal with your haircut anxiety.

2. Get an inspiration

Look for a good haircut that you think you can be comfortable with. There are a lot of hair inspirations you can look into, and may as well take screenshots of those that got your interest. You may also take into consideration your face shape, to find out the right length and style for you.

3. Barber consultation

If you don’t trust yourself enough with some internet-based information, might as well talk to the barbers themselves; this way, you will not only be assured of the things that you wanted to know about all things hair and styles, but you will also get the chance to build rapport and trust with your barber, and hoping that eventually, you’d be more comfortable with them.

4. Consider home service barbers

If you think that being surrounded by strangers is one of your triggers, maybe for the fear of being judged by your haircut choices, then this may be the best option for you. You will have all the privacy you need, and you’ll also get to enjoy the safety and comfort of your own space. A total home-court advantage.

5. Find a barber you can trust

Of course, it’s your hair, your look, and your money to spend, so it would be just right to be careful with your barber choice. Finding a barber with a good client reputation would be a good start.

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