Best tips on growing a moustache 2022

Best tips on growing a moustache 2022

1. Fear is okay

Let’s face it, you might not get that dashing moustache right away on your first attempts at developing one. Don’t fret, though. Moustaches come in a hundred different shapes and sizes and there’s no one linear rule on which one to grow and how to grow it.

2. Do research

Like we said, there are a hundred moustache styles you can choose from. Before anything else, you need to pick a style that suits your facial features. Try Google and see where it will take you. Check out images of actors who have moustaches, and who you think you resemble (when they don’t have the moustache!) Mix and match and once you’re settled with a particular style, go right ahead and look for a manual on how to grow that style!

3. Tools

A trimmer is the right instrument for the job, whether you need to keep your hair at a specific length or just remove the top rows of hair to avoid bulk. It works well to trim the hairs from your lips, or you may just shave everything off but your upper lip. Get a trimmer whose heads interchange for microscopic, detailing, or squared-off edges, in particular for moustaches. In contrast to a trimmer that is one size fits all, the option to tailor and detail your moustache makes a significant difference.

4. Products

When it comes to moustache maintenance, the same gentle cleanser you use on your face can be used to wash your moustache. But your moustache needs some special care after you take a shower, and that’s where you need to get yourself a bottle of beard oil to give a little more pampering post-shower.

5. Dye

Chances are, the color of your moustache is lighter than your hair. While there’s no problem with that and it’s a matter of individual preference whether you want to match their colours, you might want to consider dyeing your whiskers to a darker tone if your goal is to make it appear fuller.

6. Be fresh

Shaving can be a real pain on any part of your body, and your face is no exception. And since shaving is mostly likely a regular activity for you, you need not suffer from the agony your blades bring you. So educate yourself on the best shaving techniques so that others will notice your cherished facial hair and not your poor shaving skill!

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