Hiring a pop-up barber for your event is a game changer

Hiring a pop-up barber for your event is a game changer

One thing to know if an event is a success is when the attendees are happy and satisfied. As they say, there is no such thing as an outrageous idea for events. So if you are planning for yours to be memorable or maybe the next “talk of the town” positively; you may have to think of some ways to go a little “extra” to entertain your clients, business partners, stakeholders, family or friends. Well, we’ve got something in the pocket for you – a POP-UP BARBER! Because, why not? But, if you want a more rational reason we’d love to give you some pointers.

You may not know it but YOU ARE CREATING AN EXPERIENCE for your guests. Just fancy coming to an event all hairy and stuff, and eventually get to go home with a handsome haircut and nicely styled beard? I mean who would ever forget an occasion such that? All the more, this will add a great value to your guests’ experience and satisfaction. According to social tables, you have to recognize that your guests’ are looking for an experience – an interactive experience which will give them the chance to connect with other people.

We believe that REVOLUTIONARY NEEDS, CALL FOR REVOLUTIONARY MEASURE. For every guest, preparation can be a handful; and squeezing in a barber visit is just as much. However, handing an invitation that says, “We got your haircut covered in our POP-UP BARBER STATION” can possibly save them a few stress lines.

Believe it or not, YOU ARE LEAVING A REMARKABLE IMPRESSION. A good haircut can actually make people feel better about themselves, and help boost their confidence. And providing them such a wonderful service is just another way of telling them they are important and that you care. Such feelings will leave a good and lasting impression on people. It can also possibly dictate their interest towards the next events – whether they look forward to it or not. Occasions are only as good as the last one, so you’ve got to have your best foot forward.

Here are the other things that you need to know, before hiring a pop-up barber for your next event:


All you need to do is to find the right location for your event and a space for the BARBER BOOTH, and leave all the equipment, Professional Barbers, and the hair works to us.


It doesn’t really have to be a barber’s event, it could be a company anniversary, a grand opening, a marketing event per se; and even some personal occasions such as weddings, stag parties, birthdays – anything! The possibilities are infinite!


Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers specialises in mobile barbering. We have been in the industry since 2017, providing the finest grooming services from haircuts to beard trims/restyling to wet shaves for corporate clients like Groupon, Warner Music and Dr Martens. With the help of our expert Barbers, the aim is to bring classic barbering to you, right at your own time and space on any occasion.


We are now serving in the cities of LONDON, WEST MIDLANDS, KENT, GUILFORD, MANCHESTER.


You can contact us using the link below.

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