Stunning long hairstyles for square faces

Stunning long hairstyles for square faces

There are some hairstyles that people are too anxious to try. For many men, that’s long hair. Some may find growing out their hair daunting because of the lengths one needs to go to maintain it. But it is time to step out of your comfort zone. Long hair suits many men, but especially those with square-shaped faces. The way your tresses fall to frame your face will help accentuate your beautiful jaw! Here are many styles to try but here are just a few of the basic ones for the first time you decide to grow out your hair.

Natural Long Hair
The most basic thing you can do if you’re new to long hair is to just let it grow out. Baby steps, as they say. You can wait a while for the more flashier haircuts. Long hair is very versatile in itself because you can style it in many different ways! Tie it in a high bun if you’re going for a hipster look, or in a low ponytail for a more traditional masculine approach. What you’ll need to practice now is more hair care. If before you thought that your 3-in-1 shampoo was enough, now you’ll need to invest in more precise products!

Shaved Side
On the lookout for edgier styles? You might find a shaved side interesting. The more adventurous person will find this look appealing. Long hair with a shaved side provides great contrast. The boldness is eye-catching and since you’re interested in the first place, the stares you may receive won’t bother you. If in the end, you don’t like how it looks, you at least have the option to shave your head and start with a clean slate!

Beachy Waves
We’re all born with different hair textures, those with wavy hair can accomplish this style with no problem. A couple of layers are all they need and they’ve got the beachy waves surfers get from spending so long in the waters. But if you’re born with straight hair, then you’ll have some work to do. Using sea salt spray will eventually turn your hair wavy, but the degree of texture will depend on how well your hair absorbs the product. If you want something more instant, invest in a curling iron. It takes daily styling to show off beachy waves, but assuming you’re interested in looking fashionable then a few minutes a day won’t be a problem.

Man Bob
This style is another one that’s a bit short for those who aren’t completely ready for longer looks. Bobs often fall below the ears or at one’s cheek. With the right volume, your hair can have a beautiful silhouette instead of just falling flat. Getting your haircut with layers will enhance the volume as well as using thickening shampoos. The only downside of this style is that your hair may frequently fall into your face and you won’t have the option to tie it back yet. Think of it as motivation to continue growing out your hair!

Shaggy Hair
Most people who do this style still like to play it safe by keeping it on the shorter side. The most common length would be shoulder length. There are no rules when it comes to hair of course, but it can be good to experiment sometimes. Just tell the barbers that you want a shaggy haircut and they’ll know just what to do. They will cut beautiful layers to frame your face perfectly. For daily styling, you can leave it to air dry after washing, but using a blow dryer can produce more volume if you wish.

Long hair is not for everybody, but for our square-faced mates, it will definitely suit them. The wonderful thing about short hair is that if one decides that it’s not for them, then they have the option to just chop it all off. But people should not give up immediately, long hair is a commitment that takes some getting used to. Grow that hair out, and if you decide to give it some flair Book an Appointment with Get Groomed! Our excellent barbers will show you why long hair will enhance your beautiful jaw.

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