Trendy shoulder length haircuts for men in 2023

Trendy shoulder length haircuts for men in 2023

Are you feeling daring this 2023? Most men have maintained the norm of keeping their hairstyles cropped close to their heads for a long time. Even though longer hair has become more socially acceptable for men to wear, some are still quite hesitant. Let’s change that this year. Since walking past another gentleman in the streets with a hairstyle that is exactly the same as your own is not something out of the ordinary, I bet a lot of men are tired of this occurrence. Break past the plethora of regular haircuts with the following styles to add a new touch to your looks this year!

Shoulder Length Perm

Perms don’t exactly sound like the most out-there hairstyle to change your looks, but there is more to them than just your regular, short, curly styles. The image you probably have in your head right now is the most-known version of the perm, but there’s more to this style than the short-cut, tight curls. You can have your permed hair left longer and closer to your shoulders to frame the sides of your face. You can also have your curls looser for an overall more relaxed look to your features. Perms encompass a variety of styles and you can change it up to cater to your looks and tastes. This style has become popular among many celebrities this past year, so why don't you check it out as well?

Before having your hair permed, it is important information to consider that this particular hairstyle is quite high maintenance compared to others. Regular trips to the salon to keep your waves or curls in check are a necessity to maintain how the hairstyle looks. Moreover, perms also need a little styling in the morning before going out, which may be a downside for some people. However, it may be worth the extra hair care if you find that the style gains your confidence and positive reactions from the people around you.

Chin Length Layers

Are you looking for a new hairstyle but are unsure about which one would suit you and your face? Getting a chin-length haircut with layers is a safe choice for all face shapes and brings much-needed volume if you have naturally straight hair. This style is not extremely common when done at chin length, although shorter layered haircuts have been a tried and tested style.

Many social media stars and actors have given this haircut a shot. They often exude a handsome and somewhat darker aura. It will give your looks a new twist if you’ve gotten tired of the clean and formal aesthetic. It is a very versatile option that men with different kinds of facial features will benefit from. So if you want to play it safe in your venture for a new hairdo, but still try to bring out a new side of yourself, this style might be the one you’re looking for.

Straight Brush Back

For those who want to opt for a low-maintenance style, the straight brush back is the way to go. While the two previous styles give hair a more voluminous look, this style is for those who prefer to keep their straight hair down and natural while spicing up their looks with the length. If you have an oval face shape, you’re in luck as this hairstyle would suit your features well.

The straight brushback style gives men that dreamy vibe that gets the ladies swooning. This hairstyle can also be versatile and styled according to the occasion. You can keep the style all-natural for a relaxed, laid-back vibe for an easy, everyday look. On the other hand, you can choose to style your hair and keep it neat for a more sleek and sophisticated vibe that can give you that “tall, dark and handsome” look that women are known to adore.

Some people may find procedures other than the usual cutting quite intimidating. But in this day and age, we should all step out of our comfort zones to look for styles or methods that will help us feel as confident as possible. It’s not a sin to go out and try trends that appear on social media, despite the hate that people spew. Things get popular for a reason. It would be unfortunate to miss out on something just because you listened to negative opinions. So if you're interested in trying these styles, or if you’d like to start fresh and keep your locks short, Get in Touch with us at Get Groomed. Our barbers will definitely help you achieve your goals of trying something new this 2023!

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