What British haircut is best for you?

What British haircut is best for you?

Choosing a haircut is sometimes a challenge for every man. Your choice can either reduce or elevate our confidence level. Hence, we often opt for a safe and straightforward haircut that is preferred by most British men. And, to give you a clearer picture of what we are talking about, here are the go-to haircuts every British/English man chooses:

Slicked Back Haircut

Slicked Back haircut is one of the most popular haircuts today. This haircut shows more masculinity than the other ones and has been used for decades. You can do this haircut if you would like to maintain a medium size length of hair and create a neat finish by brushing the hair back. Lastly, to add masculinity, make it an undercut.

Crew Cut

You will never go wrong with a crew cut. This cut is used by military men as this is relatively short hair but boosts your masculinity by focusing on your facial features instead of hair. This type of haircut is preferred by athletes since it is easy to style and lightweight. Also, crew cuts are best for men who have wider foreheads and face shapes.

Hard Part Haircut

This haircut is relatively new. It just became popular in the 21st century. However, this kind of hairstyle needs to be maintained. It means that you need to go to a barber a lot of times. By shaving a path, it creates a more prominent hair.

Quiff Haircut

Did you admire Elvis Presley's haircut in the past? The sleek haircut that can grab the attention of any woman’s heart. A quiff haircut is created by combing hair up and down to create volume and height at the top that perfectly fit any occasion and having a round shaped face is best for a quiff haircut that will make your hair not look bushy.

The Shoulder Length Cut

It is common in English countries to have long hair and this is a sign that you will not be looked at and be conscious of having long hair. The shoulder-length cut has complexities in maintaining the style, but have great results. It adds to your manliness especially if you have an oval or square shape as it can heighten the shape of your jawline. Also, wavy hair is the best for shoulder-length cuts.

These are the top five recommendations you can consider on your next hair appointment. Also, these haircuts can be done in the comfort of your home with Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers.

You do not need to go outside and spend 10-30 minutes driving to the grooming salon. You can book an appointment or contact us to reserve your slot with us.

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