Why you should get a haircut from a mobile barber in the UK?

Why you should get a haircut from a mobile barber in the UK?

Numerous people are making a fuss about not getting enough time or resources to go to a barber shop to get their hair styled. Some of the reasons are hectic schedules, health problems, or perhaps, they are unable to book an appointment that aligns with their time.

It is often difficult for clients to get their barber’s appointment at the right time especially when they are working or if they are extra sensitive to the scent which causes their unwillingness to visit their favorite barber shop or even hair salon. We know that there are some hair products that have a strong scent, especially when the place is confined. Hence, it is also a factor why some do not really like going to a barber shop or hair salon.

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Since the pandemic happened, a great deal of barbers across the UK considered closing their barber shops because of the cost-of-living crisis.

In an interview with Loop South West , Get Groomed founder, Giuliano Dore said, “These are very worrying times for so many barber shop owners. After a period of being closed during Covid, many have not seen their customers return in the same numbers. Add to that the costs of all overheads going up and many really good barbers now face tough choices.”

Established by Giuliano Dore and Sabrina Vjaykumar, Get Groomed paved its way into Mobile Barbering as it opened an opportunity for professional barbers to offer their services on a commission-based basis especially when the pandemic occurred. Furthermore, Get Groomed does not only provide an opportunity to the barbers, but it also unfolded a new way to provide barbering services in a more convenient and safer way for the clients.

Reasons why you should get a haircut from a mobile barber?

1. Saves a lot of time

Your time matters. Having your hair done by a mobile barber allows you to save a great amount of time that you can allocate to other activities. You do not have to worry about leaving your house on time just to take a trip to the barbershop.

You just simply have to contact or book an appointment with the mobile barber, and you are good to go! The mobile barber will come to your specified location.

2. Safer and more comfortable

Mobile barbering ensures your safety and comfort. Just as mentioned earlier, when the pandemic hits, the safety of everyone, the clients and the barbers, is highly-prioritized. Through this service, people are safer and more comfortable.

Aside from that, clients feel more relaxed in the comfort of their homes or wherever they like to have their hair done. Moreover, the stress of the hustling and bustling energies inside the barber shop is also greatly reduced. You can opt to even play your favorite music while the mobile barber is giving you a fresh look.

3. Supports clients with limited mobility

Due to some sort of disability or health issue, there are clients who have limited mobility. Hence, they prefer to get their haircuts at home since it is more comfortable and convenient.

Everyone deserves an excellent haircut, that is why mobile barbers are happy to provide their barbering services even to those who cannot leave their houses.

4. Event-friendly

Weddings, engagement parties, or even company events? Mobile barbers got you covered. During these events, you may find yourself overthinking about preparing for it. In such scenarios, considering calling a mobile barber seems to be the best option so you may conveniently look good while managing other aspects of the event.

Mobile barbers can help you achieve that perfect look for your important event in a minimum amount of time.

Many people in the UK are gradually switching from traditional barber shops to trying to have their hair done by a mobile barber. Due to its convenience and safety, mobile barbering is getting more popular nowadays. With the reasons listed above, why not consider trying to get your hair done by a mobile barber?

Experience getting your haircut done by our expert mobile barbers at Get Groomed . Contact Us or Book with Us for your barber’s appointment only here at Get Groomed.

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