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"Gerardo was AMAZING. 10/10 would recommend. Professional and personable."
- Kyle
"Fantastic 5 Star performance. Very happy!"
- Michael
"Extremely polite and skilled, very happy with how it turned out. Thanks Reiss!"
- Alexandru
"Iveta did a really great haircut. Expert blending!"
- Joe

About Edmonton

Say hello to Edmonton! Sitting comfortably in North London, Edmonton is a vibrant blend of cultures where history shakes hands with modernity. Think of it as a fascinating collision of world cultures on a single city backdrop. 

Greet your day in Edmonton with a visit to Angel Place - an enchanting alley brimming with cute shops and quirky eateries. Post-shopping breaks would be well spent in Pymmes Park, a sprawling breath of fresh air perfect for leisurely strolls or relaxing with a book. 

For a unique piece of local history, step through the doors of the Millfield Arts Centre. Housed in a grand former Edwardian town hall, it's a beacon of local arts where you might catch anything from a play to a music concert. And speaking of catching, Edmonton is home to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the perfect place to catch an adrenaline-pushing football match. 

Once you're done blending in with the locals of Edmonton, it's time to freshen up. And what better way than to have a stylish haircut? Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers is just a click away. They'll help you put a fine finish on your Edmonton adventure while you kick back and reflect on your cultural discoveries. 

Round out your Edmonton exploration with: 

  1. A retail adventure at Angel Place. 
  1. Relaxing moments at Pymmes Park. 
  1. A cultural journey at the Millfield Arts Centre. 
  1. Catching a football game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 
  1. Freshening up with a stylish cut from Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers. You can book a barber here (sign up required).