Beard for 2023: The ultimate guide

Beard for 2023: The ultimate guide

Back in the day, there was some sort of distaste for facial hair in men. It was perceived as unhygienic and unclean by many. It didn’t help that villains in movies and notorious figures throughout history wore beards and moustaches. As a result, the default reaction to the sight of a man with hair on his face, especially if it’s scruffy-looking, is unenthusiastic.

But it’s different in this day and age. Men who wear facial manes in these modern times are regarded as very masculine and even powerful. Beards have become a symbol of fashion and assertion. Groomed stylishly, the beard can make any man look sexy and uber-confident.

Check out this ultimate beard guide we put together for you. Choose any of these beard styles for 2023!

1. Beard Fade

To get this beard style on point, have your fade haircut tapered and connect your beard to it. This style is very suave and can make you look urbane and sophisticated. The beard fade is one of the few beard styles that is clean and fresh to look at.

2. Goatee Beard

This style looks ideal for men who have round faces. However, it is in no way exclusive to them. If your face is not round and it’s your liking, go ahead and own it! To get this goatee style, just retain the upper lip hair and keep the underlip hair unshaven.

3. Long Beard

Nothing more says valiant and macho than the Long Beard. Due to its length, it might be prone to looking unkempt, but with proper grooming and regular trimming, this beard should only enhance your appearance! Consider also going for tapering the sides of your hair to emphasize the lioness that’s your long mane.

4. Trimmed Beard

Beards grow and before you know it, they look out of place. In order to achieve the Trimmed Beard look, you need to regularly visit your beard groomer to keep it in shape at all times. Always check your beard to keep its gorgeous and precise outline.

5. Short Beard

The Short Beard is for every man of any facial shape. Because of this, it’s considered as universal and therefore may be worn on any occasion, be it at work or on a vacation. And because of its unbound nature, you can experiment with it and mix and match other elements that involve your moustache! Also, you may or may not blend it to your side hair. The possibilities are endless!

For more updates and ideas on beard styles this 2023, check out Get Groomed and see our services for the best of you this new year!

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