New year, new haircut for men: A guide

New year, new haircut for men: A guide

Out with the old ‘do, in with the new ‘do.

This guide lists down the top men's hairstyles for 2023 which will also help you in selecting the style that will best suit you! Show it to your favorite hairdresser and get that new hairdo for that dashing new-year look.

1. Side Fringe Hairstyle

There are many different types of fringe. You have Textured Fringe, Straight Fringe, Angular Fringe,Short Fringe, Long Fringe, Curly Fringe, French Crop and so on and so forth. But among all these fringe styles, the Side Fringe is the one who is poised to make a grand resurgence this 2023! There is a side fringe to suit every type of hair, so fret not whichever the length of your hair is right now.

2. The Fade Haircut

Using a machine or clippers, the hair on the sides and back is tapered, where it fades up to the top of the head after that. With gel or pomade, the hairtop can be styled or given a rough look. You can style anyway you like for that distinct side fringe appearance.

The faded hairstyle is occasionally mistakenly referred to as the "military reg.” style. This, however, is untrue because the hair length requirements for each military service branch varies. It cannot be standardized into a single haircut for everyone.

3. Shoulder Length Hairstyle

There are men who, by wearing longer hair, simply look like gods. You don’t have to be them, though. You can look like a god on your terms because long hair is not meant to be limited to a blessed few. You can actually own it and rock it!

Shoulder-length men's haircuts in particular uncorks many looks that short haircuts cannot. If you are adventurous and also possess facial features that can use a little bit of highlight, this haircut is for you to try this year.

4. Slick Back Hairstyle

Classy and sleek are two words that one can think of when they see the Slick Back. Very stylish and sexy, it can instantly turn any man into a sophisticated and cultured lad who mean both business and a hint of naughtiness.

Brush all of your hair back for that slick back look by using hair products to maintain moisture and cast the style. If you’re out on a casual day and feel like downplaying the gallant appearance, you can simply let your tresses fall naturally into the sides and you’re good to go.

5. The Classic Haircut

Trends come and go, but anything classic stands the test of time. The Classic Haircut is no different from this. You can go anywhere and do whatever you want with this timeless style without needing to give attention to it if the style is still in place or not.

Any get-up can go along with this haircut. With this do, you also exude a lack of assumptions, making the people around you look at you with a sense of mystery because you can't be read other than that the classic style looks good on you.

6. Mullet-Mohawk

There are a few hairstyles that are out to defy the norm, and the Mullet-Mohawk is one of them. The popularity of this style already made an appearance in the latter half of the year, and we expect it to be the go-to style for many shape-shifters in the coming new year.

For more updates and ideas on haircuts for 2023, check out Get Groomed and see our services for the best of you this new year!

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