Flash your moustache: The best moustache style to wear this 2023

Flash your moustache: The best moustache style to wear this 2023

Previously, a moustache was only associated with toughness and roughness. And why not? The male antagonists who dominated TV and movies back then all seemed to have a moustache in common.

But times have changed, and it's pretty clear these days that being a villain isn't just defined by one's moustache! This makes sense not only in real life, but also on screen, as there has been a significant shift in moustache typecasting on actors.

Today, any man can wear a moustache without caring about outdated opinions about it! Read this guide to the various types of moustaches we prepared for you and decide which one is the best fit for you!

Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache looks intimidating for sure. And why not? Perhaps the most popular figure to wear it is none other than Salvador Dali himself! Aside from Dali, the handlebars are associated with high society, so wearing them may seem out of place if one is not a member of that crowd. However, in recent times, modern hipsters have been seen sporting it, and many free spirits, in general, have also been spotted wearing it.

Pencil Moustache

The pencil moustache is perfect for men who prefer a minimalist style. It is the preferred style of men who do not have thick hair, and for good reason: it would be awkward to wear a full-volume hair with a moustache strip. It actually works with any haircut that’s textured of their similar nature.

Chevron Moustache

The chevron moustache is such an easy-going style with its non-restrictiveness. Apart from maintaining its distinct inverted V shape, any guy is free to grow it, whether in full or low density, with a beard or stubble. If you want to show off your personality without being too fussy this 2023, go for the chevron!

Military Mustache

Not to be mistaken for the chevron moustache, this style is best accompanied with shorter hair as it’s the rule in the military (hence the military in the name!). With this in mind, always ensure that your military moustache is always well-kept; otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of its name!

Original Moustache

The classic moustache is the style you should go for in 2023 if a no-fuss look is your goal. Versatile and manly, it can work on any occasion or with any attire, as its appearance is very general and not pinned on a certain lifestyle or movement. If you’re the type of guy who just wants a moustache and isn't particular about public perception, then the classic one is for you!

For more updates and ideas on beard styles this 2023, check out Get Groomed and see our services for the best of you this new year!

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