Get into the Notting Hill Carnival style 2023

Get into the Notting Hill Carnival style 2023

Everyone loves a good party. When the music is lively and the food tastes amazing you’ll never want it to end. The Notting Hill Carnival takes to the streets for a weekend of fun and culture! The festival will give guests a chance to taste Caribbean feasts and revel in their style of merrymaking. You’ll get to experience the culture’s music, which was made for dancing! Anyone who is lucky enough to go will get to party with the most energetic crowd. It’s a party that everyone’s invited to! You’ll see people young and old, even little children, dancing in the streets. It’s one of the best festivals one could go to in the UK! This article will tell you about the most popular activities at the event, as well as a few style tops that we think might benefit you greatly when you decide to go.

Feel the Music
Music is required to create a lively atmosphere at any event. But for the Notting Hill Carnival, it’s so much more than just energetic tunes that people can move their bodies to. Celebrating Caribbean culture is what fuels musicians and festival-goers alike. The lively beats of Calypso music are famous for getting carnival-goers moving, while the more modern rhythm of Soca music urges people to dance to its high-energy sound. The mixture of many different genres that accompany the dancing and mingling ensures that festivities are in full swing.

Watch the Performers
Aside from the musicians bringing you amazing music, Notting Hill Carnival presents you with a wide array of performers. The carnival is most famous for its Masqueraders in their brilliant and colourful apparel. Crowds of people flock to get a glimpse of their costumes that showcase Caribbean culture through vibrant outfits and themes. Carnival-goers can also enjoy the various dance troupes, stilt walkers, and acrobats that put on engaging routines centring around Caribbean dances.

Taste the Cuisine
After enjoying the music and dancing, you can take a break and snack on authentic Caribbean delicacies. The aroma of food floating through the crowd will surely perk up your appetite. Jamaican Jerk Chicken is the most famous out of all the food that the festival offers. It’s marinated in tons of spices and then grilled over a fire. There are over hundreds of food stalls at the Notting Hill Carnival with different kinds of food that you can try. I bet you’re now excited to experience the carnival for yourself! But you can’t just go without preparing for it, especially since the Notting Hill Carnival is all about the fun and flare. Like any event, you’ll need to look the part and that’s what we’d like to help you with.

How to Style Yourself for the Carnival
The performers aren’t the only people who get to wear dazzling costumes. Carnival goers are encouraged to wear their most eye-catching outfits as well. Shirts with big and bold patterns are favoured at the Notting Hill Carnival. At this event blending in with the crowd would be a travesty, so go all out with bold and bright colours. As for the bottoms, shorts are the better choice for this event because you’ll be walking around a lot and your legs will need that freedom.

This extravagant event calls for a new hairstyle. If you have long hair it’ll be a good idea to tie it back in a Man Bun. You’ll be dancing for hours, so even if it sounds like a fun idea to just leave it be, you’re gonna end up sweaty. It’s also easier to enjoy a meal without anything getting in the way.

Dreadlocks are a great style if you want something that you can enjoy long after the carnival. Many Black people living in the United Kingdom can trace their heritage to Caribbean culture. Getting this style is a beautiful way to protect your hair during partying and celebrate your heritage!

A Fade Haircut, on the other hand, will fit in well among the festival’s beautiful atmosphere. It’s fun and adventurous which are just the kinds of vibes present at the carnival.

Another protective style you can try out if you have afro hair is Box Braids. This style is perfect for the Notting Hill Carnival because you can decorate your hair with beads, rings, and feathers. It’s easy to get into the party vibe when you can dress up even your hair.

We also recommend an Undercut for those that want an edgier style. An undercut with long hair is a very versatile look. You can tie your hair in a ponytail, or do different kinds of braids. The more adventurous, the better for this event.

Looking for a bit of adventure this August? Put the Notting Hill Carnival at the top of your list. Music, dancing, and food enriched by its Caribbean roots will make it feel that you went on an out-of-the-country trip without having to book an overseas flight. You’ll meet tons of people, form some friendships and maybe even find a little romance. Join the festivities and celebrate a culture so gorgeous that you won’t want the carnival to end. But before you book a hotel for your stay near the carnival, consider Booking an Appointment with Get Groomed. Our barbers will help you get a party-ready hairstyle that’ll put you in the mood for the festivities!

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