The easiest beards to have on the field

The easiest beards to have on the field

Playing a sport may become difficult at times. More so when you decide to join tournaments and competitions. Athletes take different precautionary measures to ensure their safety and to perform the best they can on the court. Selecting an appropriate and convenient beard style is one of them. Let’s be honest with ourselves, running around for hours with a thick beard on your face doesn’t sound appealing. It’s hot and sweaty, sometimes even distracting. The following beards on the other hand offer comfortability without having to shave your face completely.

Short Beard
The short beard is one of the thicker styles on this list. It covers the chin and sides of your face, but is still shaved closely. Some men may still want something thick enough to cover their face but won’t be as heavy as a regular beard is intended to be. The short beard, naturally, is kept short and isn’t meant to grow long. Regular trimming is needed to maintain this style, if you don’t attend to it regularly you might end up with something more difficult to take care of.

Short Stubble
A short stubble is easily the smartest choice for any athlete. You’ll still have a thin layer of hair on your face, but without any difficulties when you’re training or competing. Some people even forget that they have a stubble beard until they touch their face. It’s quite easy to care for. Even if you need to use an electric razor every day, at least you don’t have to think too much about keeping the length even!

Chin Strap
Short and thin are the perks of a chin strap. It looks exactly how it sounds, a strap of hair that covers your chin and jawline. Some even like to connect it to their sideburns. For those with sharp jawlines it provides a very strong and masculine look by enhancing their angles beautifully. Not only is it beneficial for athletes on the court, but it also enhances one's good looks! Shaping it requires a bit of precision because the style calls for hard edges, otherwise it’s a very convenient style.

Anchor Beard
Here we have another style that is slightly on the thicker side, but still convenient. An anchor beard consists of a goatee, with a connecting patch of hair on the chin that reaches just below the lower lip. You may or may not grow a moustache too. But for the sake of convenience when you're playing your sport, it’s recommended that you steer clear of the stache. This style is more decorative and fun. Even if it requires more growth than the other styles, keeping the length short will still prove that it’s easy to have during any sport.

Soul Patch
The soul patch is somewhat unique nowadays. It is just a small patch of hair below your lower lip. It’s more of an accessory among other things, because it doesn’t alter your appearance as much as other styles. This one at least does little to distract you. Although, some grow a chin beard or moustache along with it. The soul patch is a comfortable style that won’t hinder your performance but will help you become distinguishable in a team of players.

Whether you’re competing in a sport for fun or professionally, it’s smart to choose a beard style that will help you focus on the game. Ultimately, it’s up to you because it isn’t unheard of that some athletes choose bigger beards. It’s just that there are some more convenient choices out there. Get in Touch with the barbers at Get Groomed if you think one of these styles is perfect for the sport you’re playing. Book an Appointment before your next game and feel like a winner before it even started!

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