How to maintain a line up haircut

How to maintain a line up haircut

A Line-Up Haircut is an edgy style characterised by a straight shaved hairline. You would, quite literally have a line across your forehead where your natural hairline would be. Since this style focuses on the hairline as the main characteristic, you can pair it with different other styles. The buzz cut is a popular style to have with the lineup, fades are also common as well. But since this style is very clean, you must take time to maintain it.

Trimming your hair every now and then is necessary to keep a hairstyle identifiable. However, for the Line-Up haircut, it’s a must! Since it’s an extremely short style, any growth may easily become obvious. Electric clippers are the recommended tool to get that very clean edge. This process varies based on hair texture and style. Those with curly hair might find using an electric clipper more difficult, they’ll need to use regular clippers instead. The fun thing about this style is that if you ever decide to grow out your hair, you still have the option to maintain the Line-Up style.

Wash Your Hair Regularly
No matter the hairstyle, you'd naturally take the time to wash your hair. But dandruff and other unhygienic build-ups are quite visible on short hair. They are more noticeable on the Line Up hairstyle because you need to keep the hairline short and sleek. Remember to take extra care of that area when you’re washing your hair. In addition, you can also take greater care in washing your face. It’s important to take notice of the areas where your forehead reaches your hairline because this is where most of the build-up could start. Washing your hair every other day is a good start, and be meticulous when choosing your hair products. Despite what you think, 3-in-1 shampoo is not a good idea!

Visit Your Barber
The best thing to do is to have a professional barber refresh your haircut. Barbers have taken the time to perfect their craft! Cutting hair is not the only thing they learned, barbers also take the time to analyse your face and help you choose a style that will look good on you. So even if you can do it yourself, if you have the means to get the maintenance done by a professional, take that chance. They’ll not only maintain the cut for you, but they can also see if you need any changes done. Or perhaps the barber can even suggest a new style you can try with the line-up cut!

If you’re looking for a style that is edgy and versatile, the Line Up haircut might just be perfect. The sleekness of the hairline shows people that you aren’t someone to be messed with. And there are several other styles that you can mix and match with. Just remember to pay attention to the hairline because it is the pièce de résistance of this look! Entrust this hairstyle to our barbers at Get Groomed. You can even Book an Appointment specifically just to get your hair refreshed. Get in Touch with us to learn more!

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