The top 3 face shapes that side parts look good on

The top 3 face shapes that side parts look good on

There comes times when maybe you're flipping through a magazine, and one of the models catches your eye because they have an awesome hairdo. You end up wondering whether you could pull it off. Don't you just wish that there were someone to tell you if the style you fancy will look good on you? Well, wish granted! If you’re interested in side parts, read on. Because just like body types, there are face shapes that this style will look better on.

What You Need to Know About Side Parts
It’s called a side part when a person’s hair is sectioned on either the left side or the right side of their head. On the other hand, it’s a middle part when the hair’s section aligns directly with one’s nose. While genetics plays a role in deciding where your hair is sectioned at birth, it’s common for people to style their parts every day to fit their ideal look.

The Face Shapes

Oval Face
The Oval Shaped face can actually be considered the holy grail of face shapes! Almost all hairstyles will look good on someone blessed with this shape. If you have a long face with a rounded jaw and your forehead is wider than your chin, you won the facial feature lottery. A side part looks good on an oval shaped face because of the face's versatility. In this case, the shape of your face does more for the style than the other way around. The best thing you can do is to maximize your freedom. Side parts can be styled in a multitude of ways, and with the most coveted face shape in your possession, you can have fun with it. When you finally discover the hairstyle that compliments you best, you will have the ladies looking and your mates wishing they were you.

Round Face
You have both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, by the time you and your mates are fifty, you will still be looking like a forty year old. On the other hand you will have to face an onslaught of comments regarding your baby face. Rounded faces are often thought to look younger, more boyish.

The best way to combat this is to focus on bringing more angles and length to your face. A circular face is more or less equal in both width and height. By adding the asymmetry of a side part to the equation, you can create the illusion of length when one side of your face is visually heavier than the other. The side part can be combined with other styles, many of which can help you achieve a more mature look.

Square Face
People with this face shape experience the opposite of those with round faces. They do not necessarily look older, but their faces are all sharp lines and angles, making them look more serious. If this sounds familiar, then a side part can help balance out your features. Combining a side part with an appropriate hairstyle will bring in the much needed softness. Square faces will benefit from side parts in almost the exact way those with round faces do. Asymmetry will be your bestfriend when your features are all almost equal. It will lessen the angles and lengthen your face. This visual asymmetry also draws more attention to the upper half of your face, which is just what you need to distract from your sharp jaw.

Not all hairstyles will always be flattering unless you have an Oval Shaped face, but that’s what your barbers are there for. While we have written this little guide for you, consulting with one of Get Groomed’s barbers will ensure a more accurate solution to your needs. Contact Us or Book an Appointment! We will help you choose a flattering style, maybe even one that features a side part!

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