Top 5 hairstyles from the 80s that are making a comeback in 2023

Top 5 hairstyles from the 80s that are making a comeback in 2023

Throughout time, trends in fashion are evolving. There are some that are made classic while most of it fades. However, in the 21st century, the fashion industry is revolving back to the old fashion trends not only in clothes but also in hairstyles. These are the hairstyles that are popular from the 80s that surfaced again in today’s trend that you can consider in your next grooming appointment.

Perms is one of the hairstyles that were trendy in the 80s. Perms create volume to the hair with curls. The volume would depend on the type of curl you are aiming for. Soft, loose curls or beach waves created with a modern approach to perming are now in trend. Even Michael Jackson with his curly hair had more volume and better waves. Therefore, it can be achieved with all types of hair. In today’s time, men are now more extreme on the hairstyles they are getting which is one of the reasons why it has come back to the trend.

Mullet is extremely popular nowadays. More and more people jump into this type of haircut as it gives them a better sex appeal. A lot of people do not know that Mullet was a staple haircut in the 80s. Moreover, as we are being progressive with haircuts, multiple variations were made as long as it has a long back. Rob Lowe, an actor, has a mullet haircut that became his branding and as of today, more and more artists use mullet like Troye Sivan, Jared Leto, and Dacre Montgomery who portrays Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things.

Shag Haircut
Shag haircut is a haircut that we have known since the ’80s most of the artists that use this type of haircut are band singers as it reflects their art forms. Shag haircuts have a huge range of styles. Furthermore, one thing in common with shag haircuts is that it has multiple layers and textures. Some have bangs, sides, sideburns, and long hair. Lastly, this should be light to create movement in the hair.

Quiffs were very popular among the youth back then because of their ties to the music scene. Some of the UK’s most popular bands wore this style religiously, thus influencing their audience. This style is characterized by having a longer front and top with a shorter back and sides. The longer parts are styled upwards. If you want the modern version, the brushed-up part should look somewhat even on the top of your head. On the other hand, the classic style looks similar to a faux hawk but swept to the sides a little.

Long Layers
Long hair was a significant hairstyle during the 80s. Many people even remember that era as the “big hair” era. They’d curl their hair and try to get the most volume into it. It is another popular hairstyle because of its expressiveness that many of the youth embraced then. There’s not much to do to get this style but wait. Grow out your hair and when you are satisfied with the length you can ask the barber for layers for more volume.

The past is a great place to look to for inspiration. Trends never really expire, they’ll all come back eventually. These hairstyles in particular are only a few that are back on the rise. Fancy a bit of time traveling? Get in Touch with our barbers at Get Groomed | Mobile Barbers for a new, but vintage look!

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